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At Kingstone and Thruxton Primary school, we aim to nurture a sense of enjoyment in our children at expressing their thoughts and feelings through writing. We seek to develop their abilities to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences, using the written word to communicate ideas, views and feelings. Through looking at its patterns, structures and origins, children gain an understanding of how language works.

Our aims for writing are: 

  • To help children to enjoy writing and recognise its value
  • To develop children’s abilities to reflect on their own and others’ contributions and the language used
  • To develop confident, independent writers through an appropriate focus on text, sentence and word level knowledge
  • To encourage children to become enthusiastic and reflective writers by exposing them to good quality writing
  • To enable children to write in a range of different forms, both fiction and non-fiction, selecting the text style most appropriate to their needs
  • To enable children to plan, draft and edit their work to improve it when appropriate.


Communication is a two-way process. We communicate ‘outwards’ by speaking and writing, and we receive communication by listening and reading. In all our teaching and learning, we aim for our pupils to communicate orally to a high level, and so we place a lot of emphasis on all forms of speaking and listening, as well as reading and writing. In this increasingly information-based world, we also want our learners to evaluate information critically rather than believe everything they come across without questioning.


Reading plays a vital role in the development and education of your child. At Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School we ensure that pupils have lots of opportunities to read in lots of different contexts. We continuously strive to promote a love of reading.

Pupils read a variety of progressively challenging books. We provide a diverse range of books, encouraging the pupils to choose books they enjoy thus fostering a love for reading.

Opportunities for reading

Pupils also read regularly in other areas of the curriculum and in other parts of the school day through:

  • Whole Class Reading - Teachers set aside specific time for children to read their own books quietly. They also teach one specific Whole Class Reading lesson every week.
  • Reading Across the Curriculum - Pupils read a range of books linked to other areas of their learning.
  • Class Story - We believe that high quality, engaging texts are really important in schools. Each class has a daily story session where some of the teacher's favorite authors are shared with the children.
  • Library Visits - Classes are able to take children into the library area for reading sessions.
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