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Welcome to the Year 1 Blog! 


Have a look at the photographs below to see some of the things we like to do in Year 1 at Kingstone and Thruxton! 


The document below outlines what is taught in Year 1, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Week beginning 06.05.24

This week we read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and have been enjoying coming up with a bunch of activities! We have been taking care of the plants in our garden, trying to create our own beanstalks and even acting out the story in the gorgeous sunshine. The children have loved using their imagination when creating beanstalks everywhere they could, some using 3D shapes with shaving foam for clouds, others using stickle bricks and some using the natural materials around them to create pictures on the ground!

We have also welcomed some new members to the class as we gained 5 caterpillars, and after some deliberation for their names, we came up with:

  1. Pom-pom
  2. Sprinkles
  3. Mario
  4. Coco
  5. Steven 

We will be keeping a close eye on our little friends and crossing our fingers that we will get to see them change into beautiful butterflies


Next week our story is: Anansi and the Magic Pot

Week beginning 29.04.24

This week we read about the Elves and the Shoemaker! We enjoyed designing our own elves and getting them to help design some new shoes for Miss Cutter. We had lots of fun cutting the elves out and attaching string to help them fly around the class with their magic and giving them names. We also have enjoyed our dance class this week, completing the whole routine! The dance teacher said she was very impressed with how far we've come in such a short time.

Our story next week is: Jack and the beanstalk


Week beginning 22.04.24

This week we have been reading The Magic Porridge Pot. We loved exploring porridge on tuff trays and even eating some! We decided on some of our favourite toppings (strawberry, apple, banana and honey) and waited our turns to have a chance of eating together to taste what the magic porridge must have been like in the story. We have been collecting adjectives to describe what the porridge tasted and smelled like and used this in some of our writing in book talk! 

Our Story next week is: The Elves and the Shoemaker

Week beginning 08.04.24

This week we have been reading The Princess and the Pea. We loved playing with the peas and even did some pea counting! We have also been busy making beds for the princess to keep her comfy and warm. In Geography, we have been learning about the seasons. We were fantastic at sorting the months into seasons and discussing the different weathers.


Next week our story is The Snow Queen

Week beginning 11.03.24

This week we went on a trip to Madley Environmental Centre, to learn a little more about our science topic 'Plants'. We had so much fun doing so many different activities! We loved identifying trees and using natural materials to create our own flowers. We definitely impressed the workers with all of our knowledge! We were really lucky that the rain held off so we could spend all of our time outdoors. We also had a visit from the air ambulance this week and were so amazed by all of the buttons in the cockpit!

Next week our story is the Easter Story

Week beginning 04.03.24

We had so much fun celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. We all came dressed up as our favourite book characters and really enjoyed our book-based activities. We particularly enjoying it when Year 6 helped us read some of our favourite stories! We also had another lovely week in forest school and have enjoyed making the most of the drier weather. We have been busy investigating seeds, bulbs and flowers. We chopped them up and used magnifying glasses to get a closer look. 

Next week our story is The Enormous Turnip

Week beginning 26.02.24

Year 1 have had another lovely week. We have been learning about seeds and bulbs and made our own seed bombs. We conducted our own investigation into whether plants really do need water to grow, by planting some seeds with water and some without. We had lots of fun getting messy and muddy!

Next week our story is The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Week beginning 19.02.24

This week we had our first Forest School afternoon in Year 1. We loved spending time outdoors and making the most of our lovely area. We had great fun digging and sawing wood! We have also been learning about how plants grow and planted our own sunflower seeds. We are going to watch them grow over the next few weeks and record our observations. 

Next week our story is Supertato by Sue Hendra 

Week beginning 02.02.24

This week we have been thinking of ways we can measure the wind. We found out that wind socks are used to measure wind direction, and decided to make our own. We loved using the tissue paper to make them bright and colourful. Luckily, it has been really windy this week and we were able to put them to the test. They worked brilliantly and we could see really clearly which direction the wind was blowing! We also found out that the Beaufort Scale measures wind force. We had a go at making our own and thought about how wind can be helpful and not helpful. 


Week beginning 29.01.24

This week we had lots of fun at the KS1 interhouse maths competition! We loved using our knowledge of number bonds to compete against one another. We had great fun playing lots of games and showcasing our skills. We have also been making rain gauges to measure rainfall over the next week. We are really excited to check how much rain we collect and see if our predictions are correct!

Next week our story is Ruby Flew Too by Jonathan Emmett

Week beginning 15.01.24

This week we have continued exploring shape. This time, we have looked closely at 2D shapes. We loved using the shapes to make faces. We have also been learning about the artist, Claude Monet. We have looked at some of his paintings of trees and decided to paint our own winter trees. We used oil pastels, then used palette paints to compare how this changed our art. In science, we have been thinking about weather. Although it has been cold, we made the most of the sunshine and got outside to chalk some cheerful weather pictures on our playground!

Next week our story is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Week beginning 08.01.24


We have loved being back at school after our busy and lovely Christmas break! We jumped straight back into our learning and have been doing lots of thinking about 3D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school, printed pictures using 3D shapes and played 'guess the shape' with our partners. We are excellent at spotting 3D shapes all around us!

Next week our story is The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Week beginning 18.12.23

Year 1 have had a lovely and Christmassy end to the half term! We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers and had a lovely Christmas lunch. We have been very busy making crafts and cards in preparation for the big day. We particularly enjoyed making our own post boxes to role play the busy post offices at this time of the year! 


Week beginning 11.12.23

This week we have been collecting minibeasts! We made our own pooters and went on a hunt around our school grounds. We found lots of different insects and looked carefully at their features. After using the pooters, we drew pictures of the insects we collected and released them back outside. We have also been exploring pattern and shape as part of our maths learning. We have learned some new 2D shapes and have been using a variety of different shapes to create patterns. 


Next week our story is The Nativity

Week beginning 04.12.23

This week we have been thinking about nocturnal animals. We can now name lots of nocturnal animals and we understand why it is helpful for them to be awake at night. We used plasticine to model our favourite nocturnal animals- it was lots of fun! We were also very excited to make our classroom look Christmassy and loved decorating the tree. 

Next week our story is Stickman by Julia Donaldson

Week beginning 27.11.23

What a busy week in Year 1! We have definitely been getting in the Christmas spirit this week. We have been busy making our christingles for the christingle service at Kingstone church. We really enjoyed making them and visiting the church. We also had our Christmas Crafternoon on Thursday. Some of our grownups joined us to make lots of different crafts- it was brilliant! 

Next week our story is The Gruffalo's Child by Julia Donaldson

Week beginning 20.11.23

We have loved our story 'Cuddly Dudley' this week! We have been busy making igloos, measuring penguins and playing with ice! We also had a lovely time on our walk around Kingstone. We were out and about spotting human and physical features. We were brilliant! We managed to tick off lots of features on our sheets and even spotted some extra ones! 

Next week our story is Lost in the Snow by Ian Beck

Week beginning 13.11.23

This week we have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. We discovered which animals have a backbone and why some animals need them. We looked in non-fiction books and spotted animals with and without a backbone. We have also been thinking about the features of our school. We went on walk around our school grounds and looked for different things. Next week, we will be walking around the village to look for human and physical features! 

Next week our story is Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough

Week beginning 06.11.23

After a restful half-term, we were excited to be back at school! We have been outside this week, spotting birds on our balcony. We learned that some birds migrate during the colder months, but many birds stay in the UK. We decided to see if we could spot them! We loved using the binoculars and even made a den so that we wouldn't be seen. We also made bird feeders for those birds that do stay in winter. 

Next week our story is Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell

Week beginning 16.10.23

This week we went on a trip to All Things Wild. We had the most fantastic day! We got to meet so many different animals and were so excited to hold an armadillo! We were able to show off all of the things we have already learned about animals and also learnt lots of new things. We particularly enjoyed walking around the dinosaur trail; we saw so many dinosaurs and were so impressed by their size!

Week beginning 09.10.23

 We have loved our activities based on our story 'Room on the Broom' this week! We have been busy making potions, magic wands, broomsticks and witches hats! We were so proud of all of our creations. We have also continued to practice counting all the way to 100. We have been so proud of the progress that we have made!  

Next week we are reading a non-fiction text about Bonfire Night

Week beginning 02.10.23

We were so excited to use our sandpit this week! We were so proud that we built it ourselves, which made using it even more exciting! This week we have begun counting all the way to 100. We have been so fantastic at using different resources to help us do this. We also took part in a KS1 Inter-house maths competition. It was so much fun to use our maths skills to answer questions and play games! 


Next week our story is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Week beginning 25.09.23


This week we have been thinking about measurements in maths. We have been learning how to use stopwatches to measure minutes and seconds. We made our own obstacle courses and used stopwatches to time who was the quickest! We have also been busy voting for the next member of school parliament. We loved using the ballot boxes to post our votes! As part of our music lessons, we have been making our own musical instruments. We had lots of fun adding seeds and pasta to make the shaking sounds! 

Next week our story is Funny Bones by Allen Alhberg

Week beginning 18.09.23

This week we have continued to think about the human body in Science. We went on a walk around the school grounds and used our senses to spot the signs of Autumn. We also used our taste sense in a taste test! We had to guess the drinks without being able to see what they were. We had lots of fun doing this! We have also been practicing our letters so that we can be the best writers in Year 1! 

Next week we are reading a non-fiction text called The Human Body

Week beginning 11.09.23

We have had another fantastic week in Year 1! We have started all of our topics and particularly enjoyed science this week. We are thinking about our bodies and have been finding out what we can and cannot do with different parts of our bodies. We realised that using scissors with our toes is really tricky! We had lots of fun putting our body parts to the test. We have also been busy digging a big hole in our Year 1 area, ready to fill with sand for a sandpit. We have loved using the shovels and getting busy!

Next week our story is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

Week beginning 06.09.23

What a brilliant start to our time in Year 1! Although we have only been in school three days, we have already achieved so much! We have settled into Year 1 wonderfully and it has been so nice to spend time with our friends again. We have spent our first few days getting used to the routines in Year 1, playing with our friends and beginning our new learning. We have showcased our brilliant maths and reading skills and are so excited about the year ahead!

Next week our story is Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? By Martin Waddell


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