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Welcome to the Year 3 Blog!

Welcome to Year 3!                                               

As our new class begin to make the transition from Year 2  to Year 3, you can follow their journey our new Class Blog.

On our Year 3 blog you can find out about:   

Our blog will be updated weekly to show what we have been up to.

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WB 18.1.21

The children in Year 3 have had another busy week getting active, cooking, drawing, learing about metamorphic rock formation, learning how to divide 2 digit numbers and producing some wonderful wriitng.

WB. 18.1.21

This week children in year 3 have learnt how igneous rock is formed and also what the earth is made of; Mrs Gemmell recieved some fabulous diagrams. The children have been learning how to upload work to seesaw and add lables to pictures. Max even found time to help out in the kitchen.

WB 11.1.21

The children in Year 3 have made Mrs Gemmell reallly proud this week with their entusiasm and commitment to online learning. The photos below show a snapshot of what they have been up to.

WB 7.12.20

This week we were asked to produce some paintings to put on the picking trolleys at Belmont Tesco. I'm sure that you will agree we had some impressive winners.

We also carried out an investigation to see which magnets were the strongest.

WB 30.11.20

This week the children learnt some pottery skills as they made coil pots, just as the Beaker People in the Iron age did! They also carried out an investigation into magnetic and non magnetic items in the class, there were some surprising results.

WB 23.11.20

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You could hear a pin drop in Year 3 as the children were trying their very best, writing replies to the letters from their new pen-pals.

In science we were investigating the power of magnetic forces.

In gymnastics this week we were challenged to perform a variety of balances. Mrs Gemmell was impressed with all our original ideas. 

In music we created our own soundscapes with pictures and instruments.

This week we continued our work on algorithms and 'programmed' each other to be able to walk around a course with our eyes closed!

WB 16.11.20

This week we all wrote a letter to Mr Bull to let him know how we had settled into Year 3, his favourites have been added to our 'Wonderful Writing' page. We were also very excited to receive letters from a school in Sheffield. We will be writing responses next week. In ICT we were learning all about algorithms and made up our own algorithm dances to share with the class. In PE this week we were learning how to jump and land like gymnasts.  In history we were studying photographs of Iron Age artifacts to see what we could learn about how Iron Age people lived. 

WB 9.11.20

Well, what a busy fun packed week we have had! We have had a brilliant opening minds week, 'Making Connections'. As always, the children have worked hard and have had  lots of fun learning about the many ways in which we can stay connected. Each child wrote a letter to a key worker. You can read some examples on our wonderful writing tab. In French we learnt to greet each other, say goodbye and also ask how someone is feeling.

Great teamwork to get this domino effect.

Matching French greetings with pictures.

Learning and performing a song in sign language 

Making a whole school rainbow

Year 3 showing Good Choice Gordon how they  line up sensibly.

Good Choice Gordon was very impressed with the children as they paid their respects on Remembrance day.

WB 2.11.20

The children have been amazing this week, demonstrating a fantastic attitude towards their work. In recognition they have been awarded Good Choice Gordon. This week the children have been learning about the different letters that people write, they then wrote a postcard, imagining that they had gone back to the Stone Age! In Maths, Y3 have been learning patterns and facts from the 4 x table. Our Science topic is 'Forces and Magnets.' The children have been investigating the forces that they use in the classroom. It was our last Forest School session until spring this week so as a treat the children cooked s'mores over the campfire, a lovely end to a busy week.

WB 19.10.20

This week we have been showing what we have learnt about the Stone Age by creating a fact file. We have also been completing our poetry unit by typing up our own work, using Word and then illustrating our work. In maths we have been adding numbers that require an exchange and have also learnt how to use column addition.

WB 12.10.20

This week Year 3 have been trying hard to improve their mental addition and subtraction skills. In literacy they been writing information sheets all about flowering plants. In Science the children dissected a flower stem and found that it was full of tiny tubes that carry water from the roots to the flowers. They also revised the parts of a flower as they carefully pulled apart a flower. In art the children produced some amazing pictures of sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. 

Pictures of the week


Drawings inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

WB 5.10.20

This week the children have been counting in different steps - 20, 25, 50. Some children have written their own maths problems, can you answer these?


A boy had 5 bags with 50 balls in each. How many balls altogether?


A farmer puts 25 cows into each of his fields. How many cows would there be if he had 7 fields?


In science the children have been learning about the pollination process. They carried out an investigation to show how flowers are pollinated by bees. Each child made a paper flower with bright petals to attract a bee. The bees flew from flower to flower ( on a child's finger) the pollen was represented by cheesy puffs so that the children could see how it is spread from flower to flower.

WB 28.9.20

In class this week we have learnt about how people were hunter gathers in the middle  stone age (mesolithic period). In Science we have been finding out about how bees are vital in the pollination  of flowers and we learnt that without bees we would have no fruit. Mrs Gemmell was really impressed with our poetry skills this week and how creative we were when producing out own diamante poems. In math we have been thinking about the value of 100 and finding ways to divide 100 equally.

Testing out our hunting skills by imagining that the trees were woolly mammoths and using makeshift spears.

Pressing our own apple juice

Diamante Poems

WB 21.9.20

Recreating stone age cave paintings

Using a flint and steel to make fire.

Dissecting and labeling parts of a flower

Making miniature mud huts in Forest School 

Getting back to learning!