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Welcome to the Year 3 Blog!

Welcome to Year 3!                                               

Please enjoy looking at the Year 3 class blog and  following their  journey over the year.

On our Year 3 blog you can find out about:   

  • The Year 3 team.
  • Information about our week.
  • The things we have been getting up to at school and home.
  • Wonderful Writing 

Our blog will be updated weekly to show what we have been up to.

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News of the Week

W/B: 17/01/22

It has been a lovely week in Year 3. The children have loved digging deeper into all things related to sea-life and marine biology as we immerse ourselves into our writing about 'The Secret of Black Rock'. Our maths work this week has been out of this world! So many children have tackled column addition so well and they are so very proud of themselves! As am I! We have learnt all about the three different types of rocks this week and even had a go at using our new sketching skills to replicate the texture of rocks and fossils we had in class.

W/B: 10/01/22

We have had a really busy week in Year 3. The children have continued to practise their sketching skills. They have been working on cross-hatching and adjusting pressure to shade effectively. They have been creating brilliant sentences for our writing work linked to 'The Secret of Black Rock'. Our work in maths this week has been focused on column addition. Lots of children have obviously been practising at home, so well done to all of you working hard at home!

W/B: 03/01/22

It has been so lovely to be back in school. The children have been so lovely and kind and have really loved seeing all of their friends again. We have been thinking about our new topic, Dig Deep. This has led us to explore our school grounds to find naturally occurring and non-naturally occurring materials and substances. We have been working to improve our sketching and shading skills by looking at the different textures around us and seeing if we can replicate them with our pencils.

W/B: 22/11/21

It has been a really lovely week in our classroom, this week. We have been finishing off our instruction writing based on 'My Strong Mind' and the children have come up with some exceptional ideas. We have also begun to look at the four times table this week and lots of our children are already really confident solving problems using four times table facts. We have been continuing our look at magnets and how they affect the world around them in our science lessons. It's been lots of fun, I'm still finding paperclips everywhere!

W/B: 15/11/21

We have had a really busy week in Year 3. We have been working on writing instructions to help develop the reader's resilience and perseverance. This has been a tricky task that the children have worked so hard on. We have been hot-seating and dramatising different experiences that would require perseverance and resilience. We have also been working on developing on our perseverance through different challenging activities. We have also begun to look at forces and magnets and really enjoyed the opportunity to explore our classroom with magnets.

W/B: 18/10/21

What an amazing last week of our half-term! We have worked incredibly hard to finish off our independent stories and there are some incredible time travelling adventures! Our maths work has allowed us to compare, compose and add three-digit numbers. The highlight of the week was certainly a messy one as we finished off our Stone Age houses! Thanks to lots of perseverance, logical thinking and PVA glue; we triumphed and created a Stone Age home for every child. They are incredible and we are very proud of all of them.

W/B: 11/10/21

We have had such a busy week! We have been looking at making and comparing three-digit numbers in our maths lessons. We have some fantastic mathematicians in Year 3! We have also started to build our Stone Age dwellings. It was messy, fiddly work but the children loved it and enjoyed being able to get hands on and stuck in. I'm sure they're going to look fantastic when we have finished them. Our computing lessons this week have been focused on internet safety and learning about the positives and negatives of technology.

W/B: 04/10/21

We have had such a lovely week in Year 3 this week. We have been polishing our Stone Age adventure stories to create a lovely neat version. They are looking fantastic and there are lots of excellent stories with lovely handwriting. We have been working on understanding the different purposes of the parts of flowering plants and particularly enjoyed trying to remember each purpose while racing around to find our corresponding part.

W/B: 20/09/21

We have had a great time diving into our Stone Age stories this week. We have been thinking about what it would have been like to have to hunt for your food. We even had a go at trying to hit a moving target. It turned out to be a lot trickier than some of the children thought it would be. Our maths focus has taken us up to and beyond 100. We have worked on adding hundreds, tens and ones to create 3-digit numbers and out brilliant number skills are really shining through.

W/B: 13/09/21

We have been so busy this week. We have been reconnecting with reading and have enjoyed listening to our class story as well as our own school books. We have been writing about the Stone Age this week and have created our own cave paintings. They were absolutely brilliant and the children really enjoyed the challenge of drawing on a rough surface. Our maths this week has been focusing on the tricky task of adding two two-digit numbers to 100. The children have really excelled during this and have been brilliant and helping each other through the tricky bits.

W/B: 06/09/21

It has been so nice having everyone back in the classroom. Every single child has approached the new school year with enthusiasm, determination and a huge smile. We have really enjoyed getting stuck into our new topic and have already learnt lots about the Stone Age and the pivotal role that blossom plays in the life cycle of a plant. We have been exploring our lovely new classroom but have also enjoyed getting out and about to the orchard.