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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 3, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 3 Blog!

Welcome to Year 3!                                               

Please enjoy looking at the Year 3 class blog and  following their  journey over the year.

On our Year 3 blog you can find out about:   

  • The Year 3 team.
  • Information about our week.
  • The things we have been getting up to at school and home.
  • Wonderful Writing 

Our blog will be updated weekly to show what we have been up to.

Mr Bull



News of the Week

W/B: 08/05/2023

What a busy week we have had in Year 3! We have been learning division facts and rules for our 3, 6 and 9 times tables. We found some really interesting patterns as we tackled two, three and four digit numbers. We have also been learning about the importance of order when programming a musical sequence. We even managed to code the first two lines of notes for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

W/B: 01/05/2023

We have had a brilliant week in Year 3. We had our first cricket session in which we focused on throwing and catching. The children made excellent progress and lots found a love for a sport they hadn't tried before. We have also been working hard in our music lessons. We learnt about what an ostinato is and how to use it when playing along to simple musical notation. We have also been working hard in our sewing lessons looking at blanket stitches and back stitches.

W/B: 27/03/2023

We have had a brilliant first week back that has been focused on collaboration and teamwork! We really enjoyed World Book Day in which we were tasked to create our own class story, watch this space because it is an emotional roller-coaster! The children worked so hard to decide on setting, characters and events in the story and then wrote it out and illustrated it beautifully.

W/B: 13/02/2023

Wow! What a busy week! World of Work has been amazing and we have had such a brilliant time. We've enjoyed seeing our visitors which included paramedics, vets, volunteers, police officers and even a band! Our trip to the bakery was fantastic and we learnt so much about baking and how much work goes into the bread that we eat.

W/B: 06/02/2023

We have had a brilliant week in Year 3. We have started learning about money, how to identify, add and subtract coins and notes. It has been great fun and the children have completed lots of tricky challenges and money problems. We have also been looking at the reasons why we use desktop publishing software to create posters, leaflets and other documents. The children had a race with Mr Bull to see who could create a poster the quickest, them with a pencil and paper or Mr Bull with publishing software. It was lots of fun and got us talking about the advantages and disadvantages of using publishing software.

W/B: 30/01/2023

It has been a super busy week in Year 3. We have been working so hard to plan, write and edit our own suspense stories. We even had a go at trying out line guides for the first time. Paper clips can be a tricky thing to manage but there are some superbly presented stories, written by some very hard-working children. We have also been working hard to learn all about pollination and where it happens in flowering plants. To do this, we dissected some daffodils and identified the petals, sepals, anthers, filaments, stigmas and ovaries.

W/B: 23/01/2023

This week, we have been working hard to create our own spooky suspense narrative for stories with the title, Elephants in the Walls. To come up with some scary ideas for this, we turned the lights down and told our scariest stories to give our partners the creeps. Some of the stories the children have come up with have been positively terrifying, I can't wait to see how they finish them off. We have also been working hard in other areas of our curriculum, creating cubist landscape paintings, identifying fault lines and even designing relaxing gardens for those in need.

W/B: 16/01/2023

Year 3 have had a lovely time this week. They have been working so hard to finish off their writing work looking at the story, The Wolves in the Walls. They have produced some excellent paragraphs and have shown a real flair for the dramatic when adding tension and suspense to a story. We have also been working on improvising along to pop music in our music lessons and have produced some lovely sounding pieces. 

W/B: 09/01/2023

We have had a fantastic week in Year 3, this week. We made our pneumatic monsters and they were so impressive. We had Pokemon, monsters, Disney characters and some lovely animals. We have started to learn about Desktop Publishing and have worked on editing font size and style.

W/B: 02/01/2023

What a fantastic three days to get back into the swing of things. We have had so much fun. We have started to learn about Pablo Picasso and the painting style, Cubism. We have finished our pneumatic monsters and they look fantastic! We have Pokemon, puppies and even some characters from Monsters Inc. and they all contain excellent moving parts.

W/B: 10/10/2022

We have loved our Computing lessons this half-term. We took ourselves into the hall and created a model of a computer network. We also took our learning about food groups to a deeper level and classified different foods into the correct groups and discussed the effect that these foods have on our bodies. The children have also loved getting their final sketching products finished off. They look fantastic!

W/B: 03/10/2022

Year 3 have really enjoyed getting stuck into some scientific research about healthy eating and what our bodies need to survive and thrive. We have also started our final sketched product. Children have really loved the opportunity to create a detailed landscape sketch. We have also worked on improving our sending and receiving skills in PE this week.

W/B: 26/09/2022

We have been working hard this week to plan and start to write our first independent narrative. There were lots of excellent ideas and our class is very lucky to have so many brilliant young authors. We also took a look at the muscular system and how it works in our Science lessons. A fierce competition was held to see who could hold their arms out the longest. Mr Bull did not win!

W/B: 19/09/2022

We have had a great time in Year 3, this week. We have been working on improvising with chime bars in our Music lessons. We have also been focusing on using different textures and tone in our Art lessons. Lots of adults have been in to have a look at the excellent sketches that Year 3 have produced.

W/B: 12/09/2022

We have had a great time looking at how to sketch and shade using different techniques. We all made a fantastic attempt at a mountain landscape drawing and there are some excellent pieces in our books. We also took time in our Science lesson about the skeleton to measure our hands and our height and see whether there was a pattern we  could find between the tallest children and those with the biggest hands.

W/B: 05/09/2022

Our first week together in Year 3 has been lovely. We've all had a chance to reacquaint with each other and get used to being back in the classroom. We had a great time making Stone Age cave paintings to decorate our classroom with. Our PE lesson was really fun. We had to work as a team to outmaneuver a defender.