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Here at Kingstone and Thruxton Primary school, we see computing as an important tool to help bring our children’s learning to life;

  • To enhance the experiences that are possible as we learn
  • To extend learning and experiences out beyond our school
  • As a communication tool for communication between all members of our community and those outside it

We live in an exciting world where technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before. We aim to empower children's learning as much as possible by providing cross curricular links with our topics and values to build upon skills in computing and online safety.

Our Computing lessons allow children  to be creative whilst also developing new skills and grasping an understanding of how things work. Especially now that we have the use of 16 iPads for whole class use! Computing education provides our pupils with a wealth of information and knowledge, which they can then use in the future to pursue a related career or simply as a subject of interest and intrigue. 

Computing is an increasingly significant part of the society children are growing up in today, so it is only natural that they should learn about the appliances and systems they rely on on a daily basis. With cross curricular links such as science, it also inspires students to think and form questions based on what they see and learn; this leads them to want to gain further knowledge and understanding which they are them able to pass onto others.


E -Safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications such as mobile phones as well as collaboration tools and personal publishing. It highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology and provides safeguards and awareness for users to enable them to control their online experience.

The Schools' e-Safety Policy reflects the need to raise awareness of the safety issues associated with electronic communications as a whole.  

E-Safety depends on effective practice at a number of levels:
  • Responsible ICT use by all staff and students; encouraged by education and made explicit through published policies.
  • Sound implementation of e-safety policy in both administration and curriculum, including secure school network design and use.
  • Safe and secure internet provision by DND.

We take 'Online safety' very seriously. Our pupils, staff and parents will be informed about where to go to if they feel unsafe when using the internet at school or at home.

We will encourage children to use the link below if they are made to feel uncomfortable at any time when using the internet; especially if using social media sites.

If you would like to support your child's understanding of online safety, please use the links below.

Websites for more information:

The document below outlines the computing that will be taught in each year group, each half term.

 Computing Planning Overview.docxDownload
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