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At Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School, we strive to teach children about the scientific wonders of the world around them whilst also teaching them how to work and think scientifically. We approach each Science topic, unit and sequence of lessons with a two-pronged focus; what scientific knowledge can we learn and how can we approach this topic in a way that is going to develop our scientific skill-sets? As part of this approach, we have been focusing on exposing the children to different types of scientific enquiry and the skills that feed into them. Each Science lesson will not only teach the children some key subject knowledge from the national curriculum, but will also help them to develop a key enquiry skill and learn more about a type of scientific enquiry.

Each classroom will have a display on their walls that will show the icons above. The children will then be able to see photos of themselves and their work and the progression of enquiry skills utilised across the different enquiry types explored in our Science lessons throughout the year. The different enquiry skills are shown below. Our aim is to ensure that each child leaves our school being able to ask and answer their own scientific questions through their mastery of these skills.


 If anyone is interested in learning more about encouraging budding scientists, please get in contact with Mr Bull on

The document below outlines the science that will be taught in each year group, each half term.

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