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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 2, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.


Welcome to the Year 2 Blog!

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is a wonderful class of 23 eager children who try their best in all they do! Please use our Class Blog to follow our day-to-day activities and find information about the class and the school.

You can find out about the following things on our blog:

We will update our blog every week to ensure that you can see what we have been getting up to and find information about any upcoming events.



Mrs Gemmell




Spring 2 2024

Our class text this half term is:


Lunchtime reading club is proving very popular in Year 2. The children are eager to have time to read their chapter books and the peace and quiet in the classroom at lunchtime is perfect. The boys were excited to tell each other about the books they are reading and why. Roald Dahl is a firm favourite.  I math year 2 have been comparing and ordering items by length using metres and centimetres. They had great fun finding out who is the tallest person in class. 

WB 19.2.24  The children carried out an investigation to see what happens when odd and even numbers are added together. They worked so hard the tables were needed to record all the answers, oh what fun!

Spring 1 2024

WB 5.2.24

The Year 2 classroom was full of excitement and anticipation this week as entries for the 'Great Egg Drop Challenge' were brought into school. The children clearly explained their designs and it was obvious that a lot of thought had been put into each one. The children used what they had learnt about materials and their properties in Science lessons this half term. The time arrived on Thursday afternoon to drop the eggs off the Year 6 balcony to see which designs were able to protect a raw egg from breaking. Each drop was preceded by a count down and once dropped the children were eager to see if their design had been successful.

29.1.2024 Wow, what a fun packed week! A common thread throughout the week has been working successfully with partners. The children took part in an inter house  maths event with Year 1 - hosted by Year 6. In RSHE they were demonstrating communication skills as they gave directions to a blindfolded partner. In Maths the children have been using counters and Numicon to show what they know about grouping and sharing. In computing the children worked with a friend to produce a piece of music using Chrome Music Lab.

WB 22.1.2024

As part of their science topic on materials the children in Year 2 were answering the question, 'Which material is best for mopping up spills?' They used a syringe to slowly add drops of water to different materials and found that the J cloth was the best. The tissue went all mushy and the plastic didn't absorb any liquid! In music the children have been learning about beat and rhythm they composed their own piece of music and performed in front of the class.

WB 15.1.2024

In art we have been learning how to mix colours using just the primary colours red, yellow and blue. We were surprised by the results.

Autumn 2 2023

WB 11.12.2023

The children in Year 2 have been helping out the birds by keeping the bird feeders topped up. In PE we have been developing skill to play dodging and catching. We loved following a tutorial online showing us haw t draw a snowman. In Maths we used 3D shapes to build our own town!

WB 4.12.2023

There was great excitement this week as one of Santa's elves 'Elfy' came to visit - he likes to hide in our classroom every night. In computing the children learnt that photographs can be changed with editing software. Can you work out who is in the photos?

WB  20.11.23  There is a reading bug in Year 2 at the moment! The children love time to look at books of their choice and share them with a friend. There was great excitement when the booksale came to school and children could buy their own books for £2. In maths children were using dienes apparatus to demonstrate subtraction.

WB 13.11.2023

There has been lots of marvelous maths work in year 2 this week, with children consolidating knowledge of number bonds and also adding and taking tens numbers from 2 digit numbers. On Friday the children completed a number bond logic challenge. They all persevered until they found the solution.

Autumn 1 2023


Year 1 and 2 spend a wonderful day at All Things Wild this week as part of their science learning. The children all had chance to attend different workshops. In workshop 1 they went on a walk around the park meeting different animals and finding out about the animals and their natural habitats. They met zebra, monkeys, lemurs, reindeer, beavers and meerkats as well as many more. They then went indoors and had chance to handle animals such as an armadillo, gecko and a rabbit as they learnt to tell the difference between reptiles and mammals. The children asked lots of really thoughtful questions and were praised for their super questions. In the afternoon the children went back in time as we walked around the dinosaur park meeting animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago! 

WB 9.10.2023 

Year 2 were out and about this week as part of their science learning, looking for evidence of animal life in the school grounds. They spotted mole hills, slug trails, bird feathers, spiders' webs, nuts cracked open by squirrels, hedgehog droppings and rabbit holes. They were also challenged to create their own 'fitness trail' The results were fantastic! Midweek the children were all spruced up ready for school photo day.

WB 25.9.2023

The children made their own 'number trains' to distinguish between tens and teens numbers. In science they were measuring body parts to help answer questions such as, 'Do children with the biggest feet need the biggest gloves?' In Forest School great fun was had as the children made their own natural paints.

WB 18.9.2023

The children have loved their sentence stacking lessons this week and have impressed Mrs Gemmell with their ideas. It was wonderful to hear the children read out verses from our class poem ' Bathroom Fiddler'. In Forest School this week we made 'mud bugs'. Excitement was mounting as the children  put themselves forward to be part of school parliament. 

WB 11.9.2023

Year 2 have had a busy week as they settle into their new routines. In maths they have been representing 2-digit numbers in pictures and with concrete apparatus. In RSHE the children discussed responsibilities of various people and ranked them by importance. In Forest School the children were developing co-operation and teamwork skills.


. We have been reading the poem Bathroom Fiddler by Micheal Rosen and are now writing our own version called 'Desktop Fiddler'. 

Our class book for this half term is:

We have been singing the months of the year song to consolidate our knowledge.

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WB 4th September 2022

What a fantastic first week back! Year 2 have delighted and surprised all the Year 2 staff with the way in which they have settled into a new routine. There has been so much packed into the first week. The children have been working hard to get their picture on the recognition board each day as well as getting shout out cards from various members of staff who are on the lookout for children going 'above and beyond'. Forest School was a great opportunity to burn off energy and spend time with our friends. In English the children wrote clues and read them out so that the rest of the class could guess what animal they were describing. In maths the children were challenged to use a box of smarties to show what they know! Year 2 also enjoyed learning to play new playground games.