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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 2, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 2 Blog!

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is a wonderful class of 23 eager children who try their best in all they do! Please use our Class Blog to follow our day-to-day activities and find information about the class and the school.

You can find out about the following things on our blog:

We will update our blog every week to ensure that you can see what we have been getting up to and find information about any upcoming events.



Mrs Gemmell




Spring 2 2023

WB 20.3.2023

The Year 2 were full of excitement on Monday afternoon as they were timetabled to visit the food technology room at the high school, as part of their DT studies. The children coped admirably as they navigated their way past all the older students, along corridors and upstairs to find their destination. Once there the children had to find the utensils required to make pizza toast. Once made the children enjoyed a tasty treat and then had to wash up and put everything back as they had found it. Mrs Rees was particularly proud of their efforts.


This week Year 2 gained lots of practical experience as they used jugs and syringes to measure in ml and the used tape measures to measure the girth of trees.

WB 27.2.23

The children have been getting into role as they learn the story of The Great Fire of London. In Science they were out and about looking for signs of life in the leaf litter and under logs. We also has  visit from Hayley our local PCSO to find out about her role in the community.

Spring 1 2023

WB 13.2.23

Wow what a great week we've had as we took part in 'World of work week!' We had visits from a huge range of people representing many occupations. We've also been artists, musicians, communicators, mathematicians and scientists among many other things.

WB 6.2.23

Year 2 took part in a variety of activities, as part of children's mental health week. They worked in pairs to create some fantastic families of actions in gymnastics.They were gardening in the class garden and also 'filled' a bucket with things that make them happy.

WB 30 .1.23

WB 23.1 2023

WB 16.1.2023

WB 9.1.2023  The children have been learning how to make different amounts of money in math. In geography they used atlases to pinpoint where in the world we live. In gymnastics the children were using the apparatus to develop jumping skills. 

Autumn 2 2022

WB 5.12.22

The children were busy learning about food chains in science this week and created their own. We had lots of lucky winners in our reading raffle this week. In DT the children have been busy making prototypes of their moving parts Christmas cards.

WB 28.12.22

The week was started off with a lovely service at the church. The children sensibly carried their handmade Christingles as we walked from school and again once they were lit in church. As always the children's behaviour was impeccable throughout. In PE the children were discussing the importance of warm ups and cool downs. In maths they have been investigating the properties of 2d and 3d shapes as well as practising times tables on Times Table Rock Stars. In science the children worked as part of a team to sort animals into habitat groups. I think you will agree that the drawings of Santa in his sleigh are superb!

WB 21.11.22 

The year 2 children had a wonderful time at the wild place project on Thursday, despite the downpours of rain! They were extremely well behaved throughout the day and surprised the volunteers and education staff with their knowledge of African animals and their characteristics. The giraffes and leopards were a real treat as they came up so close to the children. If you have never been, it is well worth a visit.

We are starting off this half term reading The Owl Tree by Jenny Nimmo

WB 14.11.22   This week the children have been very musical as they began learning songs for the Christmas production. They also composed their own pieces of music which they then performed in front of the rest of the class. In DT the children learnt to use concertina folds to make their pictures 'pop' out. In science they were using non fiction books to carry out research on animal habitats.

WB 7.11.22 In Year 2 the children have been using concrete apparatus and then mental arithmetic to work out that answers to subtraction problems. In computing the children were shown how to take photos with the i pads and use the zoom function. On world science day the children were instructed by Year 3 children about the best way to make successful bubble mixture and wands. After experimenting themselves Year 2 then instructed Year 1. The week was concluded with  a very moving Remembrance service on the school playground.

Autumn 1 2022

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WB 17.10.22

To finish off the half term Year 2 have had a very active  week. In  math they have been learning counting patterns in the 2,5,10 and 3 times tables. To help they learnt songs, played games and drew 3's trains to help with recall. In forest school they were taught how to safely build and light a campfire . They then whittled their own hazel stick ready to wrap dough around, which was then cooked over the open fire. As part of Opening minds week the children created some Diwali inspired artwork. Pupils from Year 6 came to class on Friday to answer the question about Muslim worship that Year had set them. The Year 6 pupils were excellent teachers and Year 2 asked some super questions.

WB 10.10.2022 

This week the children made bird feeders in Forest School to help with their instruction writing in Literacy. In art we continued with our Tingtinga inspired art, as we drew our own African animals. We learnt some new playground games to help develop out co-operation and communication skills. We also went to the ballot box as we voted for our class representative for school parliament.

WB 3.10.2022

This week in Science Year 2 were thinking about ways to stay active and give their muscles a work out! The children worked in groups to design a fitness trail for the rest of the class to complete. There were lots of red cheeks afterwards! In Art the children used fine brushes and paint to create art work inspired by African artist Edward TingaTinga.

WB 26.9.2022

This week Year 2 have been demonstrating what they know about addition and have successfully used lots of different concrete resources to show what they know. In Science the children hunted in the school grounds to find evidence of animal life. We found rabbit holes, molehills and nuts that had been eaten by mice and squirrels. They were thrilled when Jack Rutter came into school to talk about his life as a professional footballer and Paralympian. 

WB 19.9.2022

This week the children had great fun during outdoor learning making their own paints with berries. In science they were answering the question 'Do children with the biggest feet have the biggest hands?" They had great fun during our tug of war game as we discovered the benefits of Co-operation.

WB 12.9.22

This week in outdoor leaning we were challenged to find our partner animal by using animal noises as a clue. We matched up 12 different baby animals with their parent. We also went on a hunt to find all the parts of 4 different cycles and then put them in order. We have been reading the poem Bathroom Fiddler by Micheal Rosen and are now writing our own version called 'Desktop Fiddler'. In Music we used notes CD and E to accompany our class song.

Our class book for this half term is:

We have been singing the months of the year song to consolidate our knowledge.

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WB 5th September 2022

What a fantastic first week back! Year 2 have delighted and surprised all the Year 2 staff with the way in which they have settled into a new routine. There has been so much packed into the first week. The children have been working hard to get their picture on the recognition board each morning and afternoon as well as getting shout out cards from various members of staff who are on the lookout for children going 'above and beyond'. In PE the children were using dance as a way to express emotion. In Geography we located Africa and Zambia on a world map. In music the children took turns being the 'teacher' as we worked together to create sounds. Forest School was a great opportunity to burn off energy and spend time with our friends.