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Welcome to the Year 2 Blog!

Welcome to Year 2!

As we make the exciting transition into Year 2, you can use our Class Blog to follow our day-to-day activities and find information about the class and the school.

You can find out about the following things on our blog:

We will update our blog every week to ensure that you can see what we have been getting up to and find information about any upcoming events.


News of the Week!


W/B: 12/10/20

We have had so much fun this week. We looked at the story 'What the Ladybird Heard' and wrote about our own mixed up farm yards. We had cats saying moo, birds saying neigh and lots more interesting combinations. We have been doubling to create teen numbers and have worked really hard to experiment with our use of the equals symbol. Lots of children have done really well and are turning into fantastic mathematicians. We learnt about algorithms in computing sessions and we found out that they were sets of instructions for computers and technology. We had a go inputting instructions into our beebots and even had a go giving our friends written and verbal instructions. It was loads of fun!

W/B: 05/10/20

We have had a lovely week this week. We have been working with teen numbers and learning about their value and how to make them in a number of different ways. We started to include past tense verbs in our writing about Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. We did really well and and even managed to use some tricky past tense verbs like 'thought' and 'fell'. We had a great time exploring what density is in our science lesson. We mixed oil and food colouring and then mixed with warm water, I'm sure the children can tell you what happened next!

W/B: 28/09/20

We have worked so hard this week in our maths lessons and have learnt even more about the value of each digit within two-digit numbers. We have used this knowledge to start partitioning and then adding and subtracting tens and ones. We have been writing all about healthy eating and the different food groups in our literacy lessons. We all created some fantastic sentences about what the different types of food do for us. When the rain was really coming down, we took a stroll around our playground looking very silly with lots of different types of materials on our heads to test which material kept the rain out the best. We had a great time and we are now certain that napkin umbrellas are not a good idea!

W/B: 21/09/20

We have been working hard and doing brilliantly in our maths lessons this week. We have been looking at improving our counting skills and learning all about the value of each digit in two-digit numbers. We have been learning to write fantastic factual sentences in our literacy lessons. We have learnt so much about the human body, it's organs and what they do! We have been creating some wonderful structures from simple materials like paper, tape and card. The children have had a wonderful time working together to ensure that they create the best possible structure.