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Welcome to the Year 5 Blog! 

Welcome to the Year 5 class blog - we hope you enjoy your visit. This page is updated regularly and is a lovely way for you to keep an eye on what we've been up to and share in our learning journey. 

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News of the Week.

W.C 9.5.22

This half term seems to be flying by and we've had another jam packed week in year 5. We started the week by creating our own human timeline of important events that happened during the Anglo-Saxon/Viking era. The themes of the vikings also ran through to our art this week with out Viking art looking at animal art form the period and combing these with the knots we drew last week. We also used a new medium  of Brio pens. Lastly, we continue to really enjoy PE and are problem solving and team work skills are really starting to develop. 

W.C 2.5.22

This week might have been shorter than normal but no less busy! In English we have been writing our first diary entry for 'How to Train Your Dragon' and have produced some fantastic work.  This week we have also been working on our block coding skills, starting the initial plans to make our own video game. In Science this week year 5 have been learning all about Isaac Newton and the laws of gravity, we have been looking at the difference between weight and mass and their connection to gravity. 

W.C 25.4.22

It's been a busy first week of summer 1. We've started our new topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and we are really excited to have another great history topic to cover. In science we are looking at forces and had a little look at static. Lastly, in PE we had a fantastic time with our subject that revolves around problem solving and team working. We had so much fun trying to get 'chickens' across the obstacle course. 

W.C 4.4.22

Happy Easter! 

The final week of spring term has been another busy one. We have been voting for school parliament, congratulations to Esme our new class representative. We have also been learning all about visual data in computing and have learnt how to create our own pie/bar charts using word and excel. This week were also fortunate to be invited to see the Royal Python that came in to visit the younger children. The Royal Python was named as such thanks to the Egyptian Pharaohs, we loved having a chance to learn more about Egypt but also hold the snake. Lastly, this week we finally completed our Egyptian headdresses. Thank you for all the support bringing in materials from home. 

Egyptian WOW Day!

 To celebrate such a great topic we have an had an Egyptian WOW day. We have had a fantastic time: writing in hieroglyphics; trying traditional food and drink they would have had during the period; we made our own Egyptian collars; learnt all about the God’s and Goddesses' and did our own research on Egypt.

W.C 28.3.22

This week we have been busy getting ready for School Parliament elections, the children did a fantastic job delivering their speeches! We have also had the opportunity to start our buddy read with year 3, this was a really nice treat for us allowing us to share some of our favorite books. Lastly, we've been looking at circuits and if different materials can have any effect on the brightness of a bulb. 


W.C. 21.3.22

We've had a great week in year 5 full of lots of exciting lessons. We started the week by writing instructions to help Miss Anthony make jam on toast. We had a lot of fun laughing at some of our silly mistakes we'd told Miss Anthony to do. We carried on with the cooking theme through week, on Wednesday we made our own loaves of challah bread. We had a fantastic time doing this and the bread was a lovely treat at the end of a busy day. We have also been learning about emergency aid this week and have learnt the recovery position


W.C. 14.3.22

Year 5 have had another busy week. In PE we have started work on our gymnastic sequences we have also been creating our own warm ups, each lesson. We have also celebrated Great British Science week by completing several experiments all based on dissolving. (Video coming soon).

W.C. 7.3.22

This week has been another busy one but we have especially enjoyed science! We have been looking at separating materials and have tried several different experiments. We had rice mixed with paper clips and used magnets to sort them; evaporated salt in water and used the hob; we had raisins and flour and used a sieve to sort it; lastly we had sand mixed with water and used a coffee filter to separate them. 

W.C. 28.2.22

We've had a really busy first week back at school. We've started our new topic Ancient Egypt and made a human timeline with Miss Evans, we are really excited to learn lots more around this topic. We have also started gymnastics this half term, check out some of our initial balances. On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day, we had a lovely day writing letters inspired by the book The Day the Crayons Quit, making our own book recommendation bunting and a chance to read our class book Cosmic. 

W.C. 14.2.22

This week has been opening minds week and we have had a brilliant time. With the theme being Thank You for the Music, we've had some fantastic visitors into school and even better workshops. We started the week with a 'Junk Percussion' workshop, playing a loud but effective rendition of We Will Rock You. We then had a Djembe Drumming session which we really enjoyed, we've learnt lots of new games that we are hoping to play again with our Djembe drums we have in school. Year 5 also did a brilliant job of performing for the school gala dancing to Walking on Sunshine. 

Have a great half term everyone!

W.C. 7.2.22

It's been another jam packed week in year 5 this week. We've started our new writing piece exploring attraction brochures and researching: Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon or The Kennedy Space Centre, ready to write our own. This week has also been Children's Mental Health Week, we really enjoyed Mrs Vigus' assembly on 10 things we can do to support our mental health. This inspired us to create our own mental health hot air balloons filling them with people or things that support us. Lastly, we've been painting like Jackson Pollock using sticks and paint brushes to flick and drip paint onto out paint as appose to simply painting it on. 

W.C. 31.1.22

This week we've been utilizing all of our journalism skills! In English we have been writing up our final Newspaper reports based on extreme weather events. We have also been doing some filming during computing that we will be editing next week. We have also been learning all about earth quakes and how we would protect ourselves in school if one were to happen.

W.C. 24.1.22

This week in year 5 we've had lots of fun in RSE we have been playing career charades, followed by discussing the value of a wide range of jobs in society. We have also been annotating our final pieces for Andy Warhol looking at both our commercial art and self portraits. In writing we have been writing our first drafts of our extreme weather reports ready to write up next week! 

W.C. 17.1.22

It's been another big week in year 5, this week we have really enjoyed our first training session with Mr Nash from Hereford FC. We have also been learning all about filming techniques in computing, putting our newly learnt knowledge to the test. Lastly, we have been working on our Pop Art self portraits inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. 

W.C. 10.1.22

We've had a really busy week in year 5, we started the week with an experience day in English where the children had an opportunity to research a type of extreme weather event ready for their newspaper article. Later in the week, we had a second experience day where we were interviewing eye witnesses from our extreme weather event. This week we've also had out first jigsaw lesson with our new class mascots Jez and Jerrie, the children really enjoyed the session talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. Lastly, we've have been experimenting with magnets researching different magnetic materials. 


We've had a busy first week back at school. We are using our new topic to inspire us to write our own newspaper articles based on extreme weather events. We have been exploring newspapers structures and how we can mimic these in our own writing. We have also been learning about a new artist Andy Warhol, looking at his fun and unique Pop Art. 


Merry Christmas everyone!

It's the final week of term! We've had  a great final week of term enjoying lots of festive treats. We've enjoyed Christmas dinner, our class party, film afternoon, carol concert and watching the KS1 Nativity.  


This week we have been carrying out our own science experiment, we have been tracking the movement of the sun and how it effects shadows. We have also been getting ready for Christmas, filming our carol " We Three Kings" ready for the virtual carol concert. 


This week it's been all about rockets! Over the past few weeks we have been researching the design of rockets. We then moved on to designing our own. This week we have finally had chance to build our rockets. The children really enjoyed the day and showed some great imagination. A special thanks to Esme and Lauren for making us all our own astronaut. 


It's been another buy week in Year 5. We started the week with a session looking at our focus country, Nepal. We looked at lots of pictures and focused on the different religions followed in the country. We created our own decorative elephants for the Hindu festival. We also enjoyed the school book sale this week  getting ourselves some bargain books! In science this week, we have been learning about the planets and creating our own planet top trumps. 



It's been a busy week in year 5 starting off with our first experience day for our new text cosmic. We all wrote our own car advert trying to persuade Miss Anthony it's time for upgrade. Unfortunately, all of year 5's amazing cars are out of price range. We have also been  using our art skills to help with the history timeline. We made Kingstone church and it's stained glass windows as well as, the first mooning landing. Lastly we have been talking about being more Eco friendly in out classroom, this inspired Monty to bring some of his old books in for a book swap with his friends. 

W.C. 8.11.21

We've had a great first week back and it's brilliant seeing so many happy faces returning to school. We've hit the ground running and started out new topic 'Sparks and Stars'. We've been looking at the Gunpowder Plot and it's place in history. We have also started our new science topic learning all about outer space. This week we have filmed our own videos arguing whether the Earth is flat or spherical. 

W.C. 18.10.21

Happy half term everyone! 

To round off the half term we have been testing years 4's Victorian Inventions and doing some Halloween art. 

W.C. 11.10.21

This week in year 5 we've had a classroom visitor Good Choice Gordon, who we won for our fantastic manners at the dinner table.  We have also been working on our communication skills to work as a team to develop a PowerPoint. On Friday we enjoyed making our own bookmarks, with the special scratch art Mrs Caldicutt bought in for us, thank you Mrs Caldicutt! 

W.C. 4.10.21

We've had a really busy week in year 5 this week. In computing we have been learning all about the internet and how information travels form one device to another. In English we have completed our big write for our explorer story. As well as, performing our harvest poem.


W.C. 27.9.21

This week we have been learning all about the layers of the rainforest, we have explored what each layer is like and what sort of animals live there. 

We have also been working hard on our class harvest poem ready to perform in a few weeks. 

We have also been experimenting with chalk and oil pastels to create our art this week. 

W.C. 20.9.21

This week we have become weather forecasters. We have been looking at the weather and climate all over the world and presenting our very own weather forecasts! Drastic changes in the weather were predicted by our experts. 

W.C. 13.9.21

This week we have been out at forest school for English. We have enjoyed another experience day building our very own rafts like Fred, Lila, Con and Max from our story. We had to work as team to see whether we could get them all to float, luckily we were successful. We also had to imagine how the characters in the story would have felt at this point. 

W.C. 6.9.21

Our first week back has certainly been a busy one. We've started a new topic - Layers of Life. This inspired us to create some beautiful artwork.