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Welcome to the Year 5 Blog! 

Welcome to the Year 5 class blog - we hope you enjoy your visit. This page is updated reguarly and is a lovely way for you to keep an eye on what we've been up to and share in our learning journey. 

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News of the Week...

Week Commencing 29th March 2021

Egypt Holiday Brochures

In English sessions -linked to our topic- we have been creating holiday brochures for modern day Egypt. We have learnt so much about what there is to see, do and enjoy and are hopeful that Mrs Preece might take us all on a class trip...

Spring Scavenger Hunt

 We had great fun today doing our scavenger hunt challenge. We had so many questions to answers which tested our knowledge across the curriculum. We raced against the clock, despite the heat. It was lovely to be out in the sunshine. 

Making the most of the sunshine

The weather has been beautiful this week and we have been outside making the most of it. The ActivAll has been a big hit!

Art Exhibition preparation

We are busy preparing for the Junior Art Exhibition which will take place after Easter... watch this space!

Week Commencing 22nd March 2021

Easter fun!

We had a great time at the Easter games morning.

Conversation Cafe (with hot chocolate and biscuits)!

Week Commencing 15th March 2021

Science - conductors and insulators investigation

This week we have been learning all about insulators and conductors. We made circuits and used them to test the conductivity of different objects. We made predictions and recorded our findings. 


We have been busy in Maths finding fractions of amounts...

Week Commencing 8th March 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

Forest School fun...

Experimenting in Science...

We had great fun today exploring whether different things are soluble or insoluble. We made predictions before experimenting to see if we were right.

Our first day back in the classroom...

We have had such a wonderful day together. The sun has been out all day so there was plenty of opportunities to get outside. Inside the classroom, we learnt some card games, did some creative writing and this afternoon, enjoyed honing our shading skills with some observational drawing.

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021

Performing poetry...

Art Techniques

The Mississippi River

Week Commencing 8th February 2021

Wheels of Emotion

Wonderful Writing

Via Seesaw, we have been enjoying our class text of Cosmic. Today we completed our final pieces of narrative writing based on the book.

Week Commencing 1st February 2021

Being helpful on Wellness Wednesday

Perculiar Percussion

As part of our music learning, we challenged ourselves to explore rhythms and music using household items. We got very creative!

Let's Dance...

We have all been making time to do the things we love the most. Ellen has been doing some wonderful expressive dancing. We love being able to celebrate each others talents - especially whilst we are apart.

Getting creative...

As part of our off screen learning day, we made appealing snacks using fruit and vegetables.

Let's get writing

I am so excited for us to be story writing this week. The work I have seen so far is fantastic. I had to share this beautiful piece of writing with you that Maia did. It is beautiful, Maia.

Week Commencing 25th January 2021

Our Star of the Week...

We are story tellers...

Week Commencing 18th January 2021

Snow much fun...

Star Bakers


As part of our Geography topic last term, we learnt about Fairtrade. Here is Florence giving a super explanation to her younger brother. Great work Florence!


Look at the super French skills in our class!

Week Commencing 11th January 2021

Class Story Time

Get ready for Class Story Time... Keep a look on Seesaw. I will be adding clips of me reading our class text, 'Cosmic' for you.

Getting creative!

I have been super impressed with the rockets your have been making! Look at this one Florence made...

Home learning, off with a bang!

Wow - Chloe completed the rocket launching challnge and what a fantastic success! 

Ready, Set, Bake!

One of your challenges this week is to bake with a grown up. Cal was very quick off the mark. They look super tasty!

Week Commencing 4th January 2021

Look at Vika's new little friends... aren't they adorable?

Invitation to the Times Table Rockstar battle!

 TTR Challenge Done.pdfDownload
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Week Commencing 7th December

Our Christmas Creations

We have been busy making over the last couple of weeks. We have painted ceramic baubles, water-colour deer and made our own Christmas cards, using our art work. 

Fun at the Christmas Fayre

Week Commencing 7th December

Space Top Trumps

This week, linked to our topic of Space, we created our own set of 'Top Trump' cards. They have all the key information about each planet on and we have great fun challenging one another!

Week Commencing 30th November 

Work we are proud of...

This week we have written book reviews in English sessions, learnt about the phases of the moon in Science and created pictograms and bar charts using data we collected in Maths.

Christingle Service

Today was our virtual Christingle service. Last week we made our Christingles and learnt about what the different parts of them represent. Today as part of the service, we lit them. 

Week Commencing 23rd November 2020

Den Building

In Forest School this week we had great fun den building. We worked together on our plans and were really pleased with the end results!

Week Commencing 16th November 2020


We had a lovely PSHE session this week. Linked to anti-bullying we thought about how unique we are and about how that makes our world such a wonderful and interesting place to be. Each child pulled a name out of the hat and chose something to share that they liked about that person. We all had to guess who we thought they were talking about. 

3, 2, 1 Blast off ...

It has been exciting to get our first pieces of work from our new topic of 'Space' on display. The planets around the edge each have a question on, a question we would like to find the answer to during this topic. Yesterday we learnt about the order of the planets. Today in Forest School we used leaves to create planet collages. 

Braving new heights...

Our outdoor adventure club had a fantastic time at Longtown. We were so impressed with how brave children were; so many were determined to conquer the wall!

Week Commencing 9th November 2020

Rainbow Connection

Linked to our Opening Minds week, 'Making Connections,' we learnt the song 'Rainbow Connection.' We hope you enjoy it. 

Making Connections - Opening Minds Week!

We built bridges using a variety of resources...

We wrote letters to loved ones...

We helped to create the whole school rainbow on the fence...

We persevered to complete some really tricky puzzles...

Remembrance Day

Today we really enjoyed our school remembrance service - it was so special that we could all be together as a school. We enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day and about why the poppy is significant. 

Below are some examples of our writing written over our Remembrance Day art work. 

Week commencing 3rd November 2020

Shortbread Baking

Today a group of Year 5 children had a very special job to do which involved baking some shortbread. More will be revealed soon but for now, we can tell you it tasted delicious!

Rainforest Reviews

As our rainforest topic comes to an end, we have been busy creating our information pages all about rainforests - showing what we have learnt. We are really pleased with the outcome.

High Ropes at Longtown

We had a fantastic time at Longtown this week. This week, adventure club were busy maneuvering the high ropes course. Mrs Preece was very impressed with how well we persevered - it was very high!

Week commencing 19th October 2020

Getting creative in PE

We found a gentle way to warm up for our hockey session today - It was also a good excuse to do some singing!

Rainforest Information Pages

As our rainforest topic comes to an end, we have been reflecting on all that we have learnt. We decided to record all of our learning on an information page. 

Forest School Fun

Today we had chance to enjoy some fun in Forest School. We played in the mud kitchen, built dens and created wooden models; we loved every second!

Week commencing 12th October 2020

Adventure Club go paddle-boarding!

We had such a fantastic evening paddle-boarding at Longtown tonight! 

Our Visit to the Church

Today as part of our RE topic, we visited Kingstone Church. Reverend Hillary and Geri welcomed us and we shared our sign language with them. Reverend Hillary showed us how to sign the Lord's Prayer. We also got a bag of goodies to take home so that we can take part in 'Messy Church.' 

The link to follow to make the crafts is:

We love getting out and about in our local community and enjoyed spotting the signs of Autumn as we walked across the fields.

Our Design Technology

We have been busy completing our DT projects. They are linked to our topic of rainforests and have levers which enable our animals to move. We thought carefully about the aesthetics to ensure the final product looked good. 

Week commencing 5th October 2020

Google Maps

We had great fun in Geography yesterday using Google Maps to understand the layout of Kingstone village. We are comparing the settlement of Kingstone to the Amazon. We have found a huge list of differences and surprisingly, a couple of similarities.

Team building 

Today in PE we warmed-up by doing some team-building activities. These required us to work together and think up lots of different plans.

Maths Concept Cartoons

We have been creating our own cartoons to question different maths concepts. Who do you agree with and why?

Roman Numerals

Watch out there are Romans about! This week we have been learning Roman numerals in maths. We went outside to learn a song which has helped us to remember them.

Week commencing 28th September 2020

Apple Pressing...

Today we had the most wonderful time apple pressing. We were determined that the rain wouldn't stop our fun so we got dressed up for the weather and collected some apples from the orchard. We then scratted the apples in a special machine before pressing them in an apple press. We all tried some apple juice and agreed it was delicious!

Rainforest animal writing...

Our writing has been linked to our topic of rainforests and our science topic of animals. We have been designing our own mythical rainforest animals and writing descriptions of them. Here we are working hard...

PE in the school orchard...

In PE, we have been enjoying team games in our lovely school orchard. We have been building our teamwork skills and have worked together to solve problems. Here we are playing 'Capture the Flag.'

Week commencing 21st September 2020

A habitat hunt across the fields...

Today we made the most of the sunshine and set off on a habitat hunt across the fields. Our Science topic is all about animals and their life cycles. We have been learning about micro and macro habitats and we found examples of both!

Our wonderful writing...

This week we are really proud of our writing. We wrote narratives, using the short clip, 'Titanium, as our stimulus. The children also added art to their pieces to make their work look really appealing. 

Week commencing 14th September 2020

The class bank...

This week, our class bank has been up and running. By reading regularly at home, children earn themselves credit that they pay in to the class bank. Credit can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. The bank balances are manages by the class bank managers.

Blackberry picking in the orchard... 

We are thoroughly enjoying our class book, 'The Explorer.' The children, Con, Max, Fred and Lila are stranded in the rainforest. Their plane crashed but luckily they all survived and were uninjured. Lila and Max were in the way to visit their Granny. We decided to write to Granny to let her know why Max and Lila hadn't arrived. We picked blackberries to write our letters with - it was unlikely that they would have had proper writing utensils in the rainforest. We had our breaktime in the orchard too and enjoyed swinging in the trees and spotting some friendly sheep.