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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 6, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

Welcome to Year 6!         

As Year 6 pupils you are top of the school: a position of great responsibility and pride! Year 6 is an amazing year, jam-packed with exciting learning experiences and this is where we can keep a record of those achievements and events.  Be sure to look on here regularly to see what we have been up to!                           

On our Year 6 blog you can find out about:     

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News of the Week: W/C 5/12/2022

We have kicked of this week with a sports festival up at the High School. Here some Year 9's were working towards their young leader award. They had set up some sports activities for us to take part in. We were broken into 5 teams and after some excellent Year 9 lead warm ups, we were completing with each other for first place! It was great fun and the Year 9 children and Miss. Wood were amazing! 


News of the Week: W/C 28/11/2022

This week we have been finishing our amazing poems based upon the evolution poem 'Moth' by Isobel Thomas. We have been exploring some amazing vocabulary as well a sentence structure to convey the story of the peppered moth. We then created beautiful artwork to go behind our work to have a beautiful final piece of extended poetry. Check out some below. 


News of the Week: W/C 21/11/2022

This week we have been continuing to develop our skills in our two PE subjects! 

With Miss Exley we have been learning a new sport called tchoukball,  this has been developing our sending and receiving techniques.  Year 6 have shown a real skill at tchoukball are are looking forward to playing games later in the term. 

With Mrs Wood we have been learning street dance for the last couple of weeks. The children are now learning to use unison and canon in their final pieces ready to perform for the class! 


News of the Week: W/C 14/11/2022

This week we have some conversations about bullying as it was anti-bullying week. We discussed the idea of bad comments/words/feeling being brown rice. We then mixed this with white rice and tried to pick out the brown grain. We noticed that this was particularly difficult. We made the connection between the grains of rice and how we are felling when bad things happen. 


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------News of the Week: W/C 7/11/2022

This week we have had loads of fun exploring the new gym equipment outside and had a fun exploring bubble making on Science day ran by Mr. Bull. We explored what was needed to make big bubbles that wouldn't pop or would stay longer. We then shared our knowledge with their Year 5's in in returned continued this learning cycle down throughout the school. It was brilliant fun!


News of the Week: W/C 17/10/2022

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to visit MASJID-E-NOOR mosque in Gloucester. We had an amazing time! We has a short presentation explaining Islam and what the mosque means. We then explored outfits that could be wore by Islamic children and got to try them on. We then explored the wash room where Wudu (washing before prayer) would have been preformed and got to try it our for ourselves. Then we watched as Imam Hassan showed us the call to prayer song and then he modelled the different positions he would go into to pray. If you would like to learn more about our trip, check out the article written by Miss. Anthony in this half term's chronicle! Enjoy some of our photos below. 


News of the Week: W/C 10/10/2022

This week we had our school parliament elections! Most of the class put themselves forward and had prepared excellent speeches to explain why they should be elected Class Parliament representatives. We then voted to bring this down to three final candidates: Eli, Esme and Lauren. The class entered the voting area (a well set up hall) to cast their votes secretly. We are now pleased to announce our Year 6 Class School Parliament Reprehensive is Lauren! Well done all the children who put themselves forward! 


News of the Week: W/C 03/10/2022

This week we have continued to enjoy reading, not only our class book talk book: 'Varjak Paw' but we spent time in the zone sharing books with friends over some lovely hot chocolate!

We also continue our investigating the circulatory system in Science lessons. We conducted an experiment to see what happened to out heart rate at rest, and after exercise. We were trying to connect our prior learning in a practical way but needed to consider what variables to change when conducting the experiment. We have started to gather results and now need to look at them in a line graph and explore any patterns in our data. I wonder what we'll find...                                                                                                                         Take a look at some of our action shots! 


News of the Week: W/C 26/9/2022

This week we have continued learning about the circulatory system. We investigated lamb's hearts to see all the features we have been learning about. We found 4 tubes that go into and out of the heart and labelled them the superior vena cava and the aorta. The superior vena cava is a vein that brings all of the blood from your upper body to your heart. There is also an inferior vena cava that brings blood from the lower half of your body. The aorta is an artery that takes blood from your heart and pumps it through back toward your body. We discussed that these are thick as they are dealing with a lot of force. We then discovered the two tubes without flaps which are the pulmonary veins and arteries. We discussed that first, blood comes in from the vena cava on the right ventricle, then gets pumped out the pulmonary artery. After getting oxygen, it returns through the pulmonary vein, and then back out to the body. We cut along the interventricular sulcus and lightly pulled the two parts so it opened like a book, and took a look inside. We noticed the four rooms of the heart. They match up with the two main arteries and veins we looked at, and are called atriums (top ones) and ventricles. We then compared the  Ventricle Walls: one is much thicker than the other. In the left ventricle, the heart has to contract to move blood throughout the whole body, so it has to have more muscle than the right, which brings blood a short distance to the lungs. We also discovered Chordae Tendinaes (the "heartstrings,") which pull on valves to open or close them. Take a look at our photos: 


News of the Week: W/C 19/9/2022

This week we have been learning about blood! We used a bottle to represent the vein or artery in which blood travels around the body. We used yellow food dye in water to represent the plasma - water and protein. We then added red dyed cheerios for the red blood cells and mini marshmallows for white blood cells and finished by using hundreds and thousands for the platelets. Check out our learning in action below...

Here are some examples of our write ups too..

Y6 also had an experience session in English this week. As we are focusing on the story 'Varmits', the children needed to experiences the wonders of nature and an appreciation for how things grow. They planted some new plants in our Y6 Balcony and will help nurture them to grow. They will use this experience to gather new vocabulary to improve their sentence stacking throughout next week. Check out our photo's below:


 News of the Week: W/C 12/9/2022

This week we have been exploring the film: Varmints, which is also an excellent picture book too.


We are aiming to write a narrative using the storyline. In order to do this we are practising our sentence stacking and they look great. Take a look at some below:


News of the Week: W/C 5/9/2022

This week was all about settling into a new environment. We spent a lot of time this week getting to know each other and discussing how we like to learn. Have a look at some of our photos below...

We also had a chance to 'show off' out amazing writing skills. Mrs. OJ set the scene of coming across an unusual creature in a rockpool. We discussed words that could be connected to it like Mermaid or Nymph. We then continued this story to show our new teacher our great writing skills... and she wasn't disappointed! Check some of them out below: