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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

Welcome to Year 6!         

As Year 6 pupils you are top of the school: a position of great responsibility and pride! Year 6 is an amazing year, jam-packed with exciting learning experiences and this is where we can keep a record of those achievements and events.  Be sure to look on here regularly to see what we have been up to!                           

On our Year 6 blog you can find out about:     

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Take a look at the Year 6 classroom...

News of the Week (W/C 6.6.22)

The Platinum Jubilee

This week we put our finishing touches to our sketches of the Queen. We created these to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee.

News of the Week (W/C 23.5.22)

Cookery in Maths

In Maths we have been working on converting units of measure. We put our skills to the test this week by doing some baking which required us to convert between Kg and g.

News of the Week (W/C 16.5.22)

The STAR Programme

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, children in Year 6 took part in the STAR programme. It was delivered by PC Anna from West Mercia Police and covered the following areas:

· Making the right choices

· Drug awareness

· Positive and negative thoughts and feelings

· Being proud of yourself and achievements

· Alcohol awareness

· The dangers of smoking and substance abuse

· Personality traits

· Keeping safe

· Hopes and dreams for the future

Here are some photos of the children trying to catch a tennis ball whilst wearing 'beer goggles.'

News of the Week (W/C 2.5.22)

You are all STARS!

This week, Year 6 completed their SATs assessments. I am so proud of how hard every single child has worked this week. The determination, perseverance and focus has been really impressive. It would have been impossible to have chosen just two stars this week, so this week, every single member of Year 6 was awarded Star of the Week.

Well done Year 6 - we are really proud of you all!

News of the Week (W/C 21.3.22)

Wonderful Writing

The children have written the most beautiful pieces of writing this week based on the animation, Alma. After some detailed proof reading and editing, below are some examples of our final pieces. We cannot wait to share them all with you at the open classroom afternoon.

News of the Week (W/C 18.4.22)

Clay Models

This week we have started constructing our clay houses. We have been very careful to ensure that all joins are thorough (we used the scoring and slip technique) so that our houses make it through the firing stage in the kiln, ready to be glazed. 

News of the Week (W/C 18.4.22)

Clay - learning about the artist and exploring the techniques

In Art we are working with clay this half term. We are learning all about the work of Alice Mara, a ceramicist. We have made contact with Alice and she has kindly sent us some tutorial videos of how she creates her work. We will keep in regular contact with Alice throughout our project and we are looking forward to Zoom calling with her to share our final pieces. 

News of the Week (W/C 21.3.22)

Design Technology

We have had fantastic fun in Design Technology this term. We have merged our learning in Science and Design Technology to create our own lamps and torches. We made out own circuits and then encased them in cardboard tubes to make torches and lamps, controlled by switches.

News of the Week (W/C 14.3.22)

British Sign Language Week

As part of British Sign Language week, Year 6 spent time teaching their Year 6 buddies some sign language. Year 6 enjoy signing regularly and it was lovely to share this with the younger members of our school. 

Science: Electricity

We have had great fun in science this week exploring circuits. We built circuits and then changed components to make the bulb brighter and duller and the buzzer louder and quieter.  

News of the Week (W/C 7.3.22)

We were so proud of our year 6 netball team this week. We have been playing netball in PE and these children put all of their practise into action against a range of other primary schools. 

News of the Week (W/C 14.2.22)

Opening Minds Week: Thank you for the Music

We have had such a great music themed week this week! We have enjoyed a Djembe drumming session, watched some representatives from the Swan Orchestra perform, joined a junk percussion workshop and performed our whole class gala dance to the rest of the school!

News of the Week (W/C 7.2.22)

Reception Reading Buddies

We had such a lovely first session with our Reception reading buddies today. Today was our first session and we had the most wonderful time getting to know our buddies and reading a story to them. We cannot wait for next week!

News of the Week (W/C 31.1.22)

Thank you for the Music

We have been very busy coming up with and learning the move to our class dance, ahead of our Gala performance to the school in a couple of weeks time!

News of the Week (W/C 10.1.22)

Caution! Investigation in progress...

In Science this week, Year 6 have been exploring shadows. We set up an investigation to see if the shadow of a static object changes or moves throughout the day. We checked back each hour to record our observations. We also had fun creating our own shadow shapes and trying to lose our shadows! Luckily the sun was on our side!

News of the Week (W/C 17.1.22)

Creating our own river...

Today, in forest school, we created our own river! We ensure that it included all of the features we have been learning about. We were so pleased that it flowed exactly as planned. We even managed to create a waterfall!

News of the Week (W/C 10.1.22)

William Morris Art

We have been studying William Morris and his art work. This week we have created our own prints; we were really pleased with the results. Next week we will be using these to produce some really striking final pieces. We can't wait to share the end product with you!

News of the Week (W/C 3.1.22)


In PE this half term we are enjoying dance and gymnastics. We had great fun this week focusing on balancing and landing.

Here we are in action...

News of the Week (W/C 29.11.21)

Farmer Time!

We have had a great time chatting each week to Farmer Zoe. We have really enjoyed learning all about the animals kept on her farm and how they are cared for. We couldn't believe it when she told us that one of the cows is called, Mrs Hereford!

News of the Week (W/C 8.11.21)

Remembrance Day

We enjoyed creating our contributions to the school Remembrance service. We created black-out poems with some wonderful poppy-inspired art work.

Boxing Session

This week we attended our first of 6 boxing sessions. We thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics and taking our PE sessions to new places. We can't wait for next week!

News of the Week (W/C 1.11.21)

Farmer Time

A while ago, we signed up to be part of the, 'Farmer Time' initiative. We were so excited this week when we found out that we have been linked with a livestock farm in Suffolk. We are really looking forward to virtually meeting the farmers, Gary and Zoe next week when we speak to them on Zoom. We cannot wait to learn all about their farm and follow their journey!

News of the Week (W/C 4.10.21)

Art: Printing

We have been bust producing our own prints, based on our Mayan designs. We are so pleased with how they are turning out and are really enjoying the printing process. 

Evolution and Inheritance Non-Chronological Reports

We are so proud of our final pieces. We wrote non Chronological reports about our chosen animal. We cannot wait to share these with our parents and carers. 

News of the Week (W/C 27.9.21)

History: Mayan Gods

This week we have been learning about the Maya Gods. We have created some wonderful double-page spreads to show what we have learnt. Our art work and fact knowledge were particularly impressive.

Science: Animal Adaptation

In science sessions we have loved learning all about animals and how they have adapted in order to thrive in their habitats. We have made information pages to explain some adaptations that have taken place.


We have added to our reading display this week. Some children have designed imaginary reading worlds and painted them onto the display. Here are Ellen and Faith with their amazing creations.

News of the Week (W/C 20.9.21)

Science: Evolution

We have had such fun exploring evolution. We carried out an experiment, using different shaped 'beaks.' These were in the form of tweezers, pegs and chopsticks. We used our beaks to pick up different berries and found that some beaks made it far easier than others. 

News of the Week (W/C 13.9.21)

Hard at work...

The children are really enjoying our new topics of, 'Evolution and Inheritance' and 'The Mayans.'

Here they are hard at work...

News of the Week (W/C 6.9.21)

Writing: The High Street

We have had such a lovely week back together. We have settled into our new classroom and are enjoying the excitement of being at the top of the school.

We have been enjoying the book, 'The High Street.' We have created our own versions and even designed our own shops using pen and watercolour