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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 6, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

Welcome to Year 6!         

As Year 6 pupils you are top of the school: a position of great responsibility and pride! Year 6 is an amazing year, jam-packed with exciting learning experiences and this is where we can keep a record of those achievements and events.  Be sure to look on here regularly to see what we have been up to!                           

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The Year 6 team Autumn 1

The Year 6 team Autumn 2

The Year 6 team Spring 1

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Autumn 1 review 

We have had a half term filled with lots of learning and fun with lots of chances for interactive learning. Take a look at some of our photos below to get of taste of life in year 6 at Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School. 

In Science, our topic was looking at  the circulatory system. To enhance our learning we have taking part in heart dissection...

We then extended this to look at the components of blood and make replicas of blood to remember them and their important functions...

 To further out learning we then conducted an investigation to explore heart rate and blood being pumped around the body...

Maths has always been a great interaction topic but we kicked off the year by having a Smarties investigation: 'How much maths in inside a box of Smarties?' and then we have also explored the movement of digits when we use the power of 10. We discussed that all digits were linked and stay together but group in threes to show their value. We explored the decimals point and how numbers 'jump' over when needed!

We also enjoyed some KS2 and whole school activities this half term which includes the Water Walk for charity around the village and inter-house math competitions. We have really show ourselves to be great role models to the rest of the school!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Autumn 2 review 

Another fantastic half term had in Year 6. This half term really pushed with our English writing work. We have explored the Poem Moth and wanted to understand the impact of camouflage in order to write about it, below are a few photos of our experiments...

We also had a great opportunity to visit Hereford Cathedral to understand our R.E unit a little better. We looked at the importance of the Christmas story of Jesus' birth and how the story can be retold in different ways. 

In Geography session we have been explore Brazil and enjoyed a blind taste test to see what the most popular Brazilian exports were... it was a tasty lesson!

In our D&T, we have enjoyed making flowers to go with our Moth display. The children have created such beautiful flowers out of card exploring different joins, folds and how to strengthen different parts, take a look...

We also had a guest visitor come in and take us to the High School: Mrs.Fox. She taught use how to measure out and bake some delicious shortbread!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Spring 1 review 

This half term kicked off with a musical start - Young Voices! We ventured, with Year 4, to Birmingham to join as part of the Young Voices choir. We had been learning the songs and dances routines in class all through the Autumn term and couldn't wait to sing and dance our way through the evening! It was great fun and one of our most cherish memories of Primary School!

Another great experience we had this half term was our visit to Techniquest in Cardiff. We had such a brilliant time exploring the exhibits and reinforcing our Science knowledge from our time at Primary School. We also saw a show where the guest speaker discuss how animals adapt to their environment and modeled how this could be done via experiments where children v teachers!

In addition to these wonderful trips and experiences, we have been raising the profile of maths across the school. We have taken part and hosted some inter-house maths competitions as well as some cross school competitions. We acted at referees in some games ensure rules were followed and everyone had fun taking part!