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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 4, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 4 Blog!


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class blog. Check in with the blog regularly to follow our learning journey! On here you will be able to read all about our news of the week and look at photos of us engaged in our learning and having fun. Reminders of upcoming events will also be put on here.

News of the Week: W/C 13/02/23

This week was the whole school Opening Minds Week and this time the theme was World of Work. We have met so many people, each with a different career. We have also had a tour of an ambulance, met some dogs that were rescued and visited Hereford Football Ground to hear about all of the career opportunities there. It has been a very busy (but brilliant) week and we are definitely ready for a half term break !

News of the Week: W/C 06/02/23

This week in Science children worked in groups to answer the question: What happens to a sound as the distance from the sound source increases?

Children decided in their groups how best to investigate this. They also chose what equipment they wanted to use and how best to record their data. In the next Science session, children will be drawing conclusions and answering the initial question, using the data they collected.

News of the Week: W/C 23/01/23

This week we have been painting in the style of Hundertwasser. We have used acrylic paint and our knowledge of shades of colour to produce our final pieces.

We are really proud of how they look!

News of the Week: W/C 16/01/23

This week we have been busy researching and gathering facts ahead of our biography writing in English lessons. The children have all chosen who they would like to write their biographies about and we have a whole host of different people, from shipwreck survivors to musicians and from authors to footballers. We cannot wait to share the final pieces with you when they are complete.

News of the Week: W/C 09/01/23

Last half term in Science, we were learning all about animals and their habitats. We learnt about the part that we can play in keeping animals safe and their habitats protected. We learnt how dangerous litter can be to animals. 

We noticed that over the Christmas holidays, some litter has blown into the hedgerows around the school site. This afternoon we went out with litter pickers to collect up the litter and put it in the bin, out of the reach of animals.

News of the Week: W/C 02/01/23

Art: Shades of colour

In art, we are studying the work of artist, Friedrich Hundertwasser. We have been using acrylic paint to experiment with making different shades of the same colour. Here we are in action...

Young Voices 2023

We had such a brilliant time performing at the Young Voices concert in Birmingham. The children all danced the evening away and sang beautifully. They were all excellent ambassadors for Kingstone.

News of the Week: W/C 12/12/2022

Sewing Project

Our Design Technology focus this half term has been textiles. We have been learning a variety of different stitch types to use when making our beanbag animals.

News of the Week: W/C 14/11/2022

Habitat Hunt

Our new Science topic is, 'Animals and their Habitats.' To launch this, we went on a walk around our school grounds to look for living things (plants and animals) and evidence of habitats. We found evidence of lots of living things and some micro habitats. We were very excited to find a frog and spot a buzzard soaring around the school field!

News of the Week: W/C 7/11/2022

To celebrate World Science Day we had great fun making our own bubbles. We made the mixture and the bubble wands ourselves, choosing which materials etc were best to use. We used trial and error to improve our bubble mixture. We were so excited when we successfully made some enormous - and very strong - bubbles!

News of the Week: W/C 17/10/2022

Our Teeth Investigation

As part of our Science topic, we have been learning about oral health and looking after our teeth. This week we used disclosing tablets to check our own teeth. The disclosing tablets show two colours - one for old plaque and one for new. Once we knew where our 'hot spots' were we brushed our teeth, focussing on these areas to ensure our teeth were super clean and plaque free!

Let your Light Shine!

This week it has been Opening Minds Week - the title was, 'Let your Light Shine.' Throughout the week we have enjoyed a range of activities linked to the theme. We thought about light scientifically as well as considering the light inside of us - the light that makes us special and unique. We wrote messages using special invisible pens and we spent time creating personality hands for one another. We all ended up with a hand with all of the lovely things that our friends had said about us, written on them.

News of the Week: W/C 10/10/2022

A Visit to the Polling Station

This week we spend time voting in our class representative for School Parliament. Mrs Preece was very impressed with all of the children who put themselves forward and spoke so confidently about why they would make a good member of School Parliament.

Replies from Authors!

This week has been VERY exciting! We received some replies through the post to our author letters. Michaela Morgan replied to Kian's letter and Taras and Izzy received responses on behalf of J.K Rowling - they even had Harry Potter themed stamps on!

News of the Week: W/C 3/10/2022

Vocabulary Challenge

In English, we are starting our setting description unit. We have been thinking lots about our senses and used the hall for an activity where we worked in groups to generate vocabulary ideas for our Victorian town setting descriptions.

News of the Week: W/C 26/9/2022

Our Post Box Visit

In English we have been writing persuasive letters to a range of authors. We completed them last week and on Friday we visited the village post box to send them. We have our fingers crossed for some replies! Watch this space!

News of the Week: W/C 19/9/2022

Science got a little gory!

As part of their Science work this week, Year 4 had a wonderful time carrying out an investigation to simulate the digestive system. We explored why stomach acid is such a crucial part of the digestive process.

Gymnastics at the High School

We are having great fun in our Gymnastic sessions at the High School, with Miss Wood. We have been exploring a range of balances this week.

News of the Week: W/C 12/9/2022

Marvellous Maths

I have been so impressed with the children's super Maths work this week. I was particularly proud of how well the children worked collaboratively to solve a range of tricky challenges. The class are definitely displaying our value of cooperation!


News of the Week: W/C 5/9/2022

Our first clarinet lesson

What a fantastic start we have had to the new academic year. Today we had our first clarinet lesson. We had great fun learning how to put the clarinet together and every single one of us made a brilliant sound. We cannot wait for our next session!