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The document below outlines what is taught in Year 4, in each subject, in each half term.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to provide more information.
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Welcome to the Year 4 Blog!


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class blog. Check in with the blog regularly to follow our learning journey! On here you will be able to read all about our news of the week and look at photos of us engaged in our learning and having fun. Reminders of upcoming events will also be put on here.

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Check out what we have been up to this week!

W.C. 4.3.24

This week it been all about words not only did we enjoy world book day we also completed our river poems! 

World Book Day 2024

W.C. 19.2.24

This week in Year 4 we have started our new topic in Geography, a local area study. We are really looking forward to this topic as it gives us opportunity to get out and about in our local area to complete some field work, we are going to be investigating if our local area is fit for purpose. This week we have started the topic by getting to grips with Google maps, we explored its functions including street view and discussed how they gathered the pictures, we even spotted some familiar people near the school! 

Spring 1

The first term of spring has been a busy one. We started off with Gladiator day fitting in with our Roman and English topics.

In Computing we become photo editors. We attended Young Voices and carried of the clarinet in music.

We had a great time learning all about sound in Science with Mrs Morgan in our outdoor learning sessions.

In PE we learnt to play Hockey. In art we put our painting skills to the best producing beautiful final pieces.

We got up to do much it's impossible to list all but check out our photos below! 

W.C. 20.11.2023

This week in Science we have been exploring, What are classification keys and how are they used? Children had a selection of animals and a series of closed questions, they had to group and classify animals according to the answers. We also had a £2 book fair that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!  

W.C. 13.11.2023

This week Year 4 have had ago at being environmental scientists. We went to search for living things (including plants) in our local area.  During our search, we classified the living things into groups: vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. Before we went out and about, we had to assure we had a good understating of the characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates. Did you know? More than 80% of living things on the planet, and 98% of animals, are invertebrates.

W.C. 6.11.2023

Our first week back has certainly been a busy one. This week we have had our first opening minds week of the year, Parliament Week. We have had lots of class conversations/special lessons learning all about our parliament structure, location and tradition. We have also learnt about the Kings opening speech to parliament writing out own version as King or Queen of the school. 

Not only have we done all of the above, in Geography we have started our new topic of climate zones where this week we learnt all about the northern and southern hemispheres. In PE we have also started our new dance unit, Indian dance, where the children blew Miss Anthony's socks off with how amazing they were! 

W.C. 16.10.2023

For our final week of half term we have been taking part in our class walking art gallery, celebrating our own work and our classmates. In Computing we've been exploring the idea of 'fake news' seeing how far, wide and quickly it can travel.

Some exciting news to end the half term is that all the hard work and dedication to TTRockstars at home means we have been the first ever class to be awarded the Rockstar's Guitar. 

W.C. 9.10.2023

This week we have been having a look at roman numerals, the children really enjoyed the roman numeral song and puzzle. In Art we have completed our final piece, we thought all about our skills we have learnt over the half term and took inspiration from Gary Hodges work. Check out out final pieces below!



This week we have had our Victorian WOW day. Throughout the day children took part in a number of activities including learning about different classes and their possessions; learning about Victorian toys; making peg dolls; partaking in traditional playground games; the real Victorian school experience, the cane, class photos and even reciting the Lord's Prayer. 

Thank you to all the children, parents, and carers for putting so much effort into the outfits, it was a fabulous day enjoyed by all! 

W.C. 25.9.2023

This week in RSHE we have been discussing the UN rights of the child and how they are honoured. We have also been talking about democracy and how this works. An important conversation especially after our recent parliament vote where Jacob R was nominated as the Year 4 class rep, well done Jacob!

In Music we have really been getting into clarinet, this was the first week that we used the whole instrument and we have already learnt the letter E!

Lastly, in History this week we had to debate which we thought was the most important Victorian invention for our current lifestyle. 

W.C. 18.9.2023

It's been another busy week in Year 4. This week we started by getting up close and personal with our teeth in Science, we learnt all about the different types of teeth and their purpose. We then created our our information poster about teeth. 

In Maths we've continued to practice our times tables by having ago at times tables connect 4, a great game that we all really enjoyed! 

Lastly in PE we have been continuing our hard work in gymnastics, this week we progressed into doing lifts to incorporate into a routine in a few weeks. The children did a fantastic job thinking about safety, tensions and teamwork. 

W.C. 11.9.2023

Our first full week in Year 4 has certainly been a busy one!

This week in Year 4 we have been learning all about the digestive system and the function of each digestive organ in our body. For our lesson we went outside and using ; a plastic bag as the stomach; orange juice as stomach acid and tights for the small and large intestines, we made our own digestive systems. It got a little messy but we had a great time and everyone was able to learn all the technical vocabulary and the purpose of our organs. 

This week we also had our very first clarinet lesson, the children were all fantastic and really got stuck in! I can't wait to see how well they progress. 

W.C. 4.9.2023

We've had a fantastic first week back at school! I have really enjoyed getting to know all the children, through team building games and getting to know you activities

We've kicked off the year with a really exciting and tasty maths lesson. Each pair was given a tube of smarties and set the challenge 'How much maths can you get from a tube of smarties?'. The children came up with lots of amazing ideas, such as fractions and ratio. We even had ago at some basic algebra.