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Welcome to the Year 4 Blog!


Welcome to Year 4 Blog! 

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class blog. Check in with the blog regularly to follow our learning journey!

W/C 03/05/21

Design and Technology: The children have been working in groups to build their own motte and bailey castle from recyclable materials! When they are finished, their structures will be judged on its appearance, attention to detail, strength and how well the children worked together to build it.

W/C 26/04/21

Paddle boarding is much more difficult than it looks! It's even harder to get back on the board when you fell off. We needed to work hard as a team to balance on our board and to help each other back on too! #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork!


We used our research  about The Normans to help us create a quiz about them! #Wearehistorians

W/C 19/04/21

We have been estimating and measuring mass. We first estimated how many grams/ kilograms we thought the items would weigh before measuring them on scales accurately.  


We have estimating and measuring capacity. We first estimated how many milliliters we thought the containers would hold before measuring them out accurately.  


This week's spelling hunt! We love finding our spellings! 


W/C 29/03/21

What a beautiful evening in Longtown. We have had so much fun on the low ropes and zipwire this afternoon! #TEAMWORK!


Year 4 have been on a word hunt, finding this week's spellings! Why not ask them where they were hidden?


The children have been working hard to create their polished artwork! Can you guess which animals they have created in our cubist style?

W/C 22/03/21

We had fantastic fun at our Spring Fayre! We were also treated to a delicious hot dog!


Here are some of the Year 4 natural photography/ art competition entries. Aren't they amazing?


This week's stars of the week are Ben & Amelia-May! Well done to you both.

W/C 15/03/21

We have loved our first trip to Longtown! Take a look at us conquering the climbing wall... 


We have been experimenting with creating cubist animal art, inspired by Pablo Picasso's cubism. Can you guess the animals that we have created by only using shapes? 

W/C 08/03/21

Year 4 have created a Hindu shrine to celebrate this term's religious education learning- 'What it means to be a Hindu in Britain today'.


The children have loved interacting with the questions on their learning walls to practise their maths skills. We have been dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100.


The children have been learning how to classify animals  based on their characteristics.


W/C  22/02/21

Congratulations to this week's star...................Bartek!


The children have created cubist-style portraits. Aren't they beautiful?


Well done to this week's Times Table Rockstar star......Alfie!


This week, the children have shared their best memories that they have made in lockdown for our Year 4 showcase assembly!


We have been keeping active with a few PE challenges!


We have been practicing our skills of persuasion and by providing our teacher with reasons why he should give us extra playtime...

W/C 08/02/21

Congratulations to this week's star...................Eli!

Well done to this week's Times Table Rockstar star......Denver!

The children have loved staying active this week!

W/C 01/02/21

Congratulations to this week's star............Maya!

The children have created their final English products and acted them out. They have been paying particular attention to their expression when reading their adverts aloud. Here are some pictures of the children acting out just a few of their amazing adverts!

W/C 25/01/21

Congratulations to this week's star............Meisha!

What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4. The children have been working hard across the curriculum. They have been creating advertisements of locations around the world and have also made incredible pieces of art to show  who their real-life superheroes during the pandemic are. These were based on Banksy's painting, 'Game Changer'. 

Take a look at some of our amazing adverts below!

W/C 18/01/21

The children have spent their time virtually locating iconic pieces of Banksy's artwork around Bristol and recreating some of their favorites. Take a look at just  some of the incredible art they have produced. The children have created some really thought provoking pieces and Mr Eckley is very proud!

Freddie's sound learning walk turned out to be rather eventful!

Take a look at some of our amazing home learning! The children have been trying really hard to complete their learning to a high standard and their efforts are really paying off!

W/C 14/12/20

Our Christmas Fayre fun!

W/C 30.12.20

Year 4's own cheeky elf has worked her magic and decorated a tree for her peers. What a fantastic job she has done too! Thank you, Freya! 


Our christingle service! 

W/C  23.11.20

The children have made their Christingles in preparation for next week's special service! 

W/C  16.11.20 

We are geographers! Using an atlas and maps, we have been locating the countries that were in the Roman Empire! We were shocked to find out how many countries were under the Roman's control. 


Look how fabulous our Roman mosaic designs are! We cannot wait to make them! 


W/C 09.11.20- Opening Minds Week

Today we have been learning about internet safety. The children have made posters and rap lyrics to showcase their learning! 


W/C 02.11.20 

The children have loved dressing up as Victorians and as have their teachers!


What an incredible day we have had! We have transported back into the Victorian times and have had a day living the life of Victorian children. 

The children have been foraging for resources to create a piece of natural art! 


The children have been looking at the difference between solids and liquids in their science learning. They have been using vocabulary such as 'compressed' and 'volume' to describe the differences!


W/C 12.05.20

Thank you to Lauren for bringing in a Victorian Penny to show the class!


W/C 05.10.20

The children have continued their Victorian invention project this week. They have been creating final product designs, advertisement posters and scripts so they are ready to present their new inventions to their classmates! 


Year 4 have been busy creating and completing a fair test. The test the children carried out was to find out whether an object is a conductor or an insulator. Ask them to tell you their results! 


W/C 28.09.20

Year 4 have been making circuits! Ask them what you need for a simple circuit! 


Our Victorian product inventions. Year 4 have taken inventions from Victorian times and tweaked them so they are more exciting. Soon we will be presenting them to our classmates to see if they will be a hit!


We have been on a preposition hunt around the classroom! Some were above us and some were underneath objects! 


Check out our English polished products. These are information texts about the lives' of Victorians. We had to make sure we used: Homophones, apostrophes to show possession headings/subheadings.

 W/C 21.09.10

Science has been really exciting this week! We have been learning all about the dangers of electricity in an average household!


We are really enjoying this half term's theme! We have been in forest school creating Victorian-styled patterns, using natural resources as paint. 

W/C 15.09.20

The children have been sawing, sanding and painting to create their own Victorian-styled slate board. We will be getting them out to use on our Victorian-themed day!


The children have been busy decorating their new classroom with pictures of themselves... with multicoloured hair!


Mr Eckley was very pleased when he received his first Victorian themed photograph from Lottie! We might have to install a chimney in school so she can sweep it!


Tobi looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing your lovely Victorian photo.


I cannot wait to see how clean Alfie is going to keep the classroom in September!