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Welcome to the Year 4 Blog!


Welcome to Year 4 Blog! 

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class blog. Check in with the blog regularly to follow our learning journey!

W/C 16.05.22

The Year 4 children put their research skills to the test, using a laptop to find out all about the diets of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. 

W/C 09.05.22

The children created algorithms (a precise set of ordered instructions, which can be turned into code) for their initials. They then implemented these algorithms by writing them in Logo commands to draw the letter. 

W/C 03.05.22

The children had a fantastic time on their residential at Oakerwood. They completed many woodland games, zip wires, climbed a 25m tree, and even had a campfire with games and marshmallows. Thank you to our helpful volunteers that wanted to help out and wash up!

W/C  18.04.22

We had a ranger visit us. He brought many fantastic creatures along for us to classify. We met and then classified the following animals:

*Bunnies*an Iguana*a Sudanese uromastyx*a Leopard gecko*Corn snakes*Royal pythons*an African House snake*a Western hognose
*Millipedes*a Reticulated python

W/C 28.03.22

Year 4 have been using their knowledge of ordnance survey map symbols to create their own ordnance survey map of Kingstone. 

W/C 14.03.22- Science week!

To celebrate Science week, the Year 4 children created animal habitat boxes! The children classified their animals and accompanied them with a range of facts to demonstrate why they are classified as either a: mammal, fish, bird, amphibian or reptile.

W/C 07.03.22

The Year 4 children have been superb detectives on their minibeast hunt. They have been learning all about local living things and what their habitats look like so they knew what to look out for!

W/C 28.02.22

03.03.22- World Book Day - The children received a special gift upon their arrival- a  fantastic new text! 

We thoroughly enjoyed reading, 'The day the crayon quit' by Drew Daywalt. We wrote letters of reply to each of the coloured crayons, from the perspective of Duncan. 

W/C 14.02.22- Opening Minds: Thank you for the music!

The Swan Orchestra were incredible! We made a whole-class underwater soundscape, using our bodies and instruments to represent sounds that you may hear under the sea.


The Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed their junk percussion workshop!

W/C 07.02.22

The children have been taking a look at the composition of images and changing them with effects such as: contrast, brightness, sepia, and black and white. 

W/C 31.01.22

We went on a virtual bus tour of Bristol! We had lunch at the Ivy and went sightseeing afterwards. We saw many tourist attractions, such as the Bristol harbour, Banksy’s art trail, the Bristol suspension bridge and The Hippodrome.

W/C 17.01.22

The Year 4 children took part in a fascinating discussion about the hidden meanings behind the artwork of this half- term's focus artist, Banksy. They took a closer look at the pieces, 'Utilizing kindness', 'There is always hope', 'Don't let others deter you', and 'live in the moment'. 

W/C 10.01.22

The children thoroughly enjoyed their learning walk of the school grounds, listening and noting down all of the sounds that they could hear along the way.

W/C 13.12.21

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own quiz, using their learning about states of matter from this  half term.

W/C 06.12.21

we have been researching and completing diagrams about the water cycle.

W/C 22.11.21

Year 4 have been putting their map reading skills to the test to help them locate countries that were in the Roman Empire. 

W/C 15.11.21

The children had great fun learning about and reenacting Roman battle tactics.

Did you know... 

The Roman Army introduced a new system that involved the infantry being organized into four groups: velites, hastati, principes and triarii.

W/C 08.11.21

The Year 4 children loved unwrapping a present from their class teacher, their new class text! The children have thoroughly enjoyed acting out the process a new Roman soldier would have gone through when joining!

W/C 18.10.21

The Year 4's have had great fun presenting their adapted Victorian inventions to the Year 5 children. 

W/C 11.10.21

We're going on a spelling hunt.... 

W/C 04.10.21

Our harvest artwork!


The Year 4 children have been putting their knowledge about electricity to the test by designing electrical games, ensuring that their creation includes a buzzer, wires, a battery and a lightbulb. They then presented their ideas back to the class to show of their unique designs. 

W/C 20.09.21

We thoroughly enjoyed gathering evidence of natural art. We will be using our sketches to design our own wallpaper, in the style of William Morris. 



W/C 13.09.21

The Year 4 children have thoroughly enjoyed researching the ways that they can stay safe around electricity in their households! 


W/C 06.09.21

This week's stars!