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Outer Space 

WC 15.04.24 - We have been finding out about astronauts and what their job is. We have found out about the craters in the moon and that they are made by meteors crashing down on it. We did a moon crater experiment to see this for ourselves. 

Our book of the week this week is: Blast Off!

WC 08.04.24 - We received some letters this week off an astronaut called Dash. He was on a Space mission and needed our help down on Earth. He set us challenges of litter picking, making information posters about keeping the world safe and teaching the space creatures how to do maths. We loved getting the letters and did all that we could to help him!

Our book focus this week is: Whatever Next!

On the Farm

WC 19.92.24 - We have launched our new topic of 'On the Farm' by reading 'Oliver's Vegetables.' 


WC 28.01.24 - We have had a visit from PCSO Hayley and PC Yarwood from Herefordshire Police. They came in to tell us all about their job, uniform, equipment and even let us have a go in the back of her Police van! They were so impressed with how smart, sensible and informative Reception were!

WC 22.01.24 - This week we have been looking at how we might travel to different countries. We have looked at maps and the globe and have seen that Earth is made of different countries with lots of sea in between. We thought about where we live and how we get to school, to the shops etc, and how this might be different to how we go on holiday. 

WC 15.01.24 - We have been continuing our Transport topic and read our story of the week 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.' We made information posters to let everyone know about the sneaky pigeon, and have created our own carwash and car ramps!

WC 08.01.24 - We have had a wonderful first week back after the Christmas holidays, and I have loved hearing about all of the festivities that took place! This half term we have Mrs Morgan for our Forest School sessions - we have had so much fun!

Marvellous Me!

Book of week- Hugless Douglas goes to little School

We have completed the first week of reception - the children have settled wonderfully. 

We have been working hard on getting used to all the play areas and the names of our new friends.  We have spoken a lot about our families and shared pictures of them.   In phonics we have been sounding out animal names and colours and trying to work out what Fred (our phonics friend) is saying.  In maths we have been sharing smarties, sorting them into colours and making pictures out of them - then we ate them.  We have danced and laughed and played.

To finish the week we had forest school, lots of the children said it was their favourite day of the week.  We did lots of climbing, talking about the different trees and what animals might live there.  We looked at some birds nests and then shared hot chocolate.  It was a friends birthday so we even had cake under the willow tree in the orchard.

Parents Phonics evening information.

Thank you to all those who attended the phonics evening information session.  For those who couldn't make it here is the power point we went through. 

As always, if you have any questions please just ask at the end of the day or email and we will support in any way we can.

We have had another busy week, with lots of rain!  The children have loved it - they have jumped in puddles, made lots of tea in the mud kitchen and got to know each other a lot more.  We have shared various books throughout the week, however, 'All my friends,' was the weekly focus.

In numeracy we have focused on learning about subitising and counting accurately.

In phonics we have been practising 'Fred talk' and sounding out our words.

This week we have started to learn individual sounds in phonics.  We have learnt sounds, m, a ,s, d and t.  We have learnt how to form these letters and have made some words with them - both real word and silly, alien words.  Fred the frog has joined us to sound out our new words.  We are really enjoying it!

In numeracy we have been busy counting items to 10, we have matched items to number and have been working out what 'how many altogether?' means.  

We are name writing in Literacy and making great progress.

We have also made apple crumble, we peeled and chopped the apple and then Mrs. Richards put it into the oven to cook!  Yummy!

This week we went, as a whole school, on a water aid walk.  We raised money for children like the little girl in 'The Water Princess' story.  We looked at similarities and differences between her life and the children's - there were many.  We were very tired after our walk to the church.  We couldn't imagine doing it everyday just to get a clean drink of water.

During our outdoor learning last week we were luckily enough to have some chickens join us.  We had such fun feeding them, cuddling them and watching them as they roamed about with us.

We also explored pumpkins, we investigated what was inside one and then made pumpkin soup!  Lots of us loved it so much we had seconds and thirds.

We have had a great Halloween week getting ready for the holiday, we have counted spiders in goo, fished for letters and skulls in the water, made potions in the mud kitchen and retold the story, many times in a variety of different ways, of Room on the Broom.


Welcome to Autumn term 2 

We have a busy half term planned. 

This week we have learnt all about remembrance, we have made poppies and talked about people and pets who we have lost.   We have also learnt a bit about Diwali, the festival of light, and shared the Rama and Sita story to understand why it is celebrated.

Extra excitement was shared when we found a hedgehog on the grounds.  We were saddened to find out that it was poorly.  It was taken to the vets and we are getting regular updates on its progress.  Keep your fingers crossed for it!  As a result of this we made outdoor shelters for small animals during our outdoor learning time.  We used cuddly animals and kept them safe, dry and warm.

Infant Crafternoon

We have had a super busy week rehearsing for our nativity, practising our word reading skills and learning all our numbers, however, we were super delighted to invite our grown ups into the school to compete some Christmas crafts with us!  We had the best time.  We decorated Christmas biscuits, made spiral snowman, designed our own snowflakes, printed wrapping paper, made paper chains and so much more!  

A visit to see Father Christmas and his friends.

We went to Madley Environmental Centre this week, when we arrived there we went into the Log cabin and each made a Christmas card.  Mother Christmas asked us to help get her washing in but the Pixies had mixed up all the clothes so we had to find the matching Christmas stockings.  After we had finished we went on a walk into the woods where we found Mother Christmas asleep.  The funny elf told us stories which made us and laugh and dance.  We then went to explore and found Father Christmas' grotto.  He was very kind and jolly with us, he asked what we would like him to make for us and then gave us a gift!
We headed back to the log cabin, spying elves hiding on the way - we counted 12!  Once back in the cabin we had biscuits and juice then headed home.  A great trip!


Its Christmas!

 Wow! What a week!  We have performed our nativity "Everyone loves a Baby," to year 6, then the school, then 2 shows to our grown-ups!  We have sang and danced or socks off!  What a fabulous performance from everyone!  The school has taken very lovely photos of the children in their outfits - if you would like one please contact the school office.  Emails have been sent to parents detailing the photos.

Our Christmas Party was great fun.  We played pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and danced and danced!  We ate loads of yummy food which our grown ups brought us in to share.  What a great day!