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Welcome to our Reception Class blog!


Welcome to Reception!

On our Reception blog you can find out:

  • Reception Information - here you can find out about the Reception Team and our school day.
  • The things we have been getting up to at school and at home.
  • Our stars of the week.
  • Things to remember and dates for your diary.


Our blog will be updated weekly to show the super things we have been doing, and to help you find out about the things that are coming up too.

Spring 2

What a Wonderful World

Week 5


Stars of the week: Delcie and Lola

Role of honour WC 22.03.21.....            Jacob.....                  Iryse.....                          William

Here are some photos from this week. We have been so busy and have had lots of fun! 

Week 4


Stars of the week: Jack and Meg

Role of honour WC 15.03.21.....       Lola.....                 Dotty.....                      Arnie.....

We have really been focusing on sharing, playing cooperatively with friends, and positive social interactions now we are back in school. Here are some photos to show you how fantastically we are getting on!

Our story focus this week is 'Oliver's Vegetables': 

We loved this story so we decided to make our own vegetable soup!

Week 3

WC 08.03.21

Stars of the week:

William and Mya

Role of honour WC 08.03.21.....            Meg.....                  Harper.....                       Robbie.....           Great job!

It has been our first week back at school after such a long time, and it couldn't have gone any better! We have loved seeing our friends, had the best time back in Forest School, and have had so much fun!

Week 2

WC 01.03.21

Role of honour WC 01.03.21.....          Ben.....         Jack.....              William.....            You are all super!

Star of the week:


We have continued with our topic of ‘What a Wonderful World’ this week, and have been focussing on the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’

We have also been drawing and writing about our favourite parts of the story. Take a look at some of our fabulous work!

We have also been celebrating World Book Day this week and have taken part in some World Book Day challenges. We have made story spoons, story jars, potato characters, and dressed up to read a story in an unusual place!

Week 1

WC 22.02.21

Role of honour WC 22.02.21.....              Angus.....           Lanah.....           Jaxen.....              Great work everyone!

Star of the week:


We have launched our 'What a Wonderful World' topic with the 'Great Big Bug Hunt,' where the whole of Key Stage One have taken part in Mini-beast based activities with myself (Miss Nicholas), Miss Smith, and Mr. Bull. The children have absolutely loved these activities and have really enjoyed exploring, observing, and finding out more about the bugs they have found in their gardens and on a walk. Here are some of the 'Great Big Bug Hunt' activities that Reception have taken part in and enjoyed.

We also enjoying learning about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and have done some fantastic writing and maths linked to the story.

Spring 1

Happily Ever After

Week 5

WC 08.02.21

Roll of honour WC 08.02.21.....       Lilly....         Skye....        Gabriella....       What a great week!

Star of the week:


This week has been a busy week, with us learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year, as well as taking part in Valentines Day celebrations. The children have really enjoyed taking part in some traditional activities, and have even taken it upon themselves to learn more!

Week 5 

WC 01.02.21

Roll of honour WC 01.02.21.....           Betty.....           Jacob.....           Oscar.....    You’ve all impressed me this week!

Star of the week:


This week we have focussed on expressing ourselves for Children’s Mental Health week. We submitted pictures and videos of us doing something we love and we made a whole school video to show this. Watch this weeks Celebration assembly here, with our Express Yourself video at the end: 


We have also expressed ourselves through ‘The Squiggle Game.’ For this we had to make lots of squiggles and then use our imagination to turn it into a picture. Here’s some of the things we came up with.

We also got creative and practical for our maths this week. We had to sort pairs, and some of us went the extra mile to find some very obscure pairs indeed!

Week 4

WC 25.01.21

Roll of honour WC 25.01.21.....        Myla.....         Thomas.....          Delcie.....      WELL DONE!

Star of the week:


We have had a fun-filled week this week as we continued the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

Here are some of the gingerbread biscuits we have made:

We have also been creative and made some Gingerbread Man characters:

Leading up to Children’s Mental Health week next week, we have also reminded ourselves of the importance of the outdoors. Look at how much fun we have had!

Last week you voted for a story for Miss Nicholas to read during our live session. You voted for: Room on the Broom.

Here is the story read by Miss Nicholas in case you missed it.

Week 3

WC 18.01.21

Our story focus this week has been ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ We have been so busy with lots of activities. Here are some pictures to show you what we have been up to.

Week 2

WC 11.01.21

We have been learning the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ this week through Talk for Writing. The children sent me over their performances, and we performed it during our live sessions on Friday. It was great fun and the children were fantastic! Here is a snippet of a few amazing performances from Lilly, Harper and Teds.

As we are not in school, lots of the children are missing their friends, so here are some letters they have written to keep in touch!

Week 1

WC 04.01.21

We have begun a different way of learning this week, but that hasn’t stopped the children from showing amazing enthusiasm to learn and get involved in activities.   

Here are some photos from our home PE session this week.

I also wanted to find out what everyone got up to at Christmas, and I have had so many creative ways of letting me know, such as photos, videos, drawings and writing. I have loved seeing the exciting things the children have got up to, and loved seeing some of their presents!

Autumn 2

Sparkle and Shine

Week 7

WC 14.12.20

This week, we have done lots of Christmas crafts and took part in some Christmas Fayre activities. We have had so much fun and are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit!

Week 6 

WC 07.12.20

This week we have performed our Nativity! It will be sent out for you all to see next week. We were fantastic and we can't wait to share it with you!

We have continued being festive and have lots of Christmassy activities for us to take part in. We have made Christmas cards, experimented with Christmas smells, written letters to Father Christmas and even put some of our maths workings out in envelopes to send to Father Christmas so he can see how hard we are working at school. 


Monday - Christmas Topper Day to launch our virtual Christmas Fayre!. Come into school wearing either a Christmas hat, Christmas hairband, Christmas jumper etc. Be creative! £1 per child, 50p for siblings.

Wednesday - our Nativity performance will be sent out for all of you to see! Feel free to let me know what you think of our children's brilliant performance. I know you will all be very proud!

Week 5

WC 30.11.20

This week we had our virtual Christingle service. Betty's mum sent in this video of Betty explaining everything you need to know - how brilliant, Betty!

Thank you so much!

We have had a magical week this week as we have begun to get a little Christmassy! We have been practicing for our Nativity which we are going to record next week, and have been lucky enough to meet some Christmas characters! We went on our trip to Madley Enironmental Centre where we met Bluebell the overgrown elf, mother Christmas and Father Christmas himself! 



Tuesday: Please come into school wearing black ready for our Nativity performance. 

Tuesday: Last day to post your Christmas cards.

Thursday: Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day!

Week 4 

WC 23.11.20

This week we had a special visitor... it was Kipper the dog, and it was his birthday week! Kipper invited everyone in Reception to his birthday party so we had lots of special birthday tasks to complete in preparation. We made birthday hats, wrote present lists, filled gift bags and played party games! Everyone has had so much fun!



Next Thursday (3rd) is our Reception class trip to see Father Christmas! Please ensure you have paid via parent pay so that you give consent for your child to attend.

Week 3

WC 16.11.20

This week, we have been learning about Diwali. We have found out about the story of Rama and Sita, learnt how Hindu's celebrate the festival, and even taken part in some Diwali activities ourselves, such as making and decorating diya lamps, baking peda sweets, and creating rangoli patterns.

Next week we will be preparing for our virtual Christingle service. Please bring an orange into school in a named bag by Thursday 26th November.

Week 2

WC 09.11.20

This week has been our Opening Minds week, which has been all about 'Making Connections.' We thought about how we can connect with people, e.g. talking to them, ringing them up, video calling, talking to them on the computer etc. and why it is now more important than ever to connect with our loved ones. We have been so busy with so many fantastic activities, and even managed to put together a virtual performance for you all to see at home.

Click here to take a look: News and Activities


Next week, we will be learning about Diwali.

Week 1

WC 02.11.20

We have had a brilliant first week back and have begun our new topic 'Sparkle and Shine.' We are still continuing to look at Autumn, and also found out about Bonfire Night. We have had great fun clearing all of the Autumn leaves off the playground, making fire safety posters and creating our own fireworks.

Autumn 1

Getting to Know You

Week 7

WC 19.10.20

We have had a magical week this week and have been making potions, decorating pumpkins and making our own chocolate apples!



We are always grateful for anything brought into Reception that will help us with our learning, and this week, we wanted to say a huge thank you to Harper's family for bringing in lots of pumpkins that they have grown themselves for us to explore, investigate and decorate. We have had such fun so THANK YOU!

Week 6

WC 12.10.20

We have had another fantastic week in Reception and have continued some Autumnal fun! We have made apple crumble using the apples we picked from the orchard, painted conkers and even explored some pumpkins! 



After half-term, there will be a few new/different days throughout the week for you to remember...


Our NEW OUTDOOR LEARNING DAY will be on a Wednesday, with our first Wednesday Outdoor Learning Day starting on Wednesday 4th November. Please remember that this takes place every week, no matter what the weather, so children need to come into school wearing old, weather appropriate clothes. Now the weather is getting colder, winter hats and gloves are often a good idea.



Next half-term, we will begin our PE sessions. We are so lucky to have our specialised PE coach with us on Fridays where the children will do a range of exciting activities! Our PE sessions will be starting on Friday 6th November. The children will be taking part in PE every week, and will need to come into school each Friday in their PE kits. Please ensure that in colder weather, the children are wearing dark leggings/joggers and their school jumper or cardigan.


                                                       Stars of the week

Jack - for having a fantastic week and making some great choices!

Lilly - for trying to hard with her writing, impressing me, Mrs. Vigus and her mummy!

Week 5

WC 05.10.20

We have been so busy but our biggest excitement of the week was making our own apple juice! We picked apples from the orchard and helped to clean them before a grown-up chopped them up into tiny pieces. We filled up the apple press and with quite a bit of strength, we managed to squeeze out the juice! The children reassured me that the apple juice tasted very yummy after all of our efforts. 


Here's a taster of some of the other exciting activities we have done this week....

A big well done...

Thank you to everyone that has been reading their reading books and going through their phonics flashcards each night. Lots of parents have already commented on how pleasantly surprised they are with how many sounds we know, and I love reading through the comments each Tuesday and Friday!         


                                                                                                               Stars of the week

Jacob - for making some excellent choices this week. Keep it up!

Lola - for showing more and more independence each day!


Week 4

WC 28.09.20

We have been so busy in Reception this week!


Autumn - we are continuing to explore the Autumn weather and have collected lots of Autumn objects during an Autumn walk. We then used these to make patterns.

Patterns - we have focused on patterns this week. The children have learnt that a pattern is something that happens, and then happens over again... and again... and again!

Fruit kebabs - we put our pattern knowledge to the test this week whilst making fruit kebabs. We tried our best to follow a pattern when putting the fruit on the stick.

Phonics - so far we have learnt the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g. We are learning to read and write these, along with putting some of the sounds together to make words, e.g. m-a-t = mat.


Things to remember:

  • Please remember to date and sign your name, or write a little comment in your child's reading record every time they have read their book or practiced reading and writing their sounds.


Stars of the week

Betty - for doing some fantastic sounding out and blending this week.
Teds - for making some really good choices this week to help out his friends.

Week 3

WC 21.09.20

This week, we have started learning sounds in our daily phonics lessons. The children have all been working really hard to read and write the sounds we have learnt and I am so impressed with how well they are doing already. On Friday, our Reception children will be able to take their first reading pack home with them. These are to be used every day at home and should be brought in to school to change their book every Tuesday, and every Friday.


The reading pack will include:

  • A wordless reading book - to build on your child's imagination to make up stories, and to develop discussion skills as they talk about the pictures.
  • A Read Write Inc (RWI) information sheet - where the sounds we have learnt that week will be circled on a Friday for you to practise at home.
  • A pack of set 1 phonics flashcards - to practise reading and writing the sounds circled on the RWI information sheet.
  • A reading record - for you to write a short comment and sign when your child has read their book, and practised reading and writing their sounds. Our Reception staff will also begin to read with your child in school and practise their sounds - so look out for our comments in the reading records too!  annies home: Get Your Family Reading

Things to remember:

  • As the weather is getting colder and wetter, please ensure that your child brings in a waterproof coat every day, as we have opportunities outdoors daily, no matter what the weather. 


Stars of the week

Connie is getting fantastic at coming into school quickly and choosing an activity to do straight away. You're doing so well, Connie!

Angus is always kind and caring and is great at sharing when he is playing with his friends!

Week 2

WC 14.09.20

We have been so busy and have had lots of fun enjoying the beautiful sunshine!


Things to remember:

Our Outdoor Learning Day is every Thursday. Children are to come into school in old, outdoor appropriate clothes. Please bring a spare pair of clothes in a named bag, as we are likely to get wet and muddy!


                                                     Stars of the week

Florence has shown that she is a lovely friend, and is always there to help her friends when they need it!

Robbie is such a fantastic role model to everyone in the class, and I can always rely on him to offer his help. Great work, Robbie!

Week 1

WC 07.09.20

We have had a fantastic first week of school and the children are settling in amazingly! We have made new friends, explored our new classroom and even had our first Outdoor Learning Day! I am so impressed with our fabulous new Reception children and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


Stars of the week

Delcie is getting so brilliant at leaving her mum in the morning and has had a lovely first week in Reception. 

Oscar always runs into school with a great big smile on his face! What a lovely start you have had in Reception, Oscar!