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Our blog will be updated weekly to show the super things we have been doing, and to help you find out about the things that are coming up too.

Miss Nicholas and the Reception Team.

Spring 1

Feeling Frosty!

WC 06.02.23

We have been reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt,' and have been looking at different environments, e.g. forest, snow, mud etc. We have ordered the story and written about some of our favourite parts. 

Our story focus is: We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

WC 30.01.23

We have had some special visitors this week. PCSO Hayley and her Police team came in to talk to us about stranger danger and road safety. We asked lots of questions and found out about Police uniform, Police equipment and Police vehicles - we even got to hear the Police siren and sit in the back of the van! We also had the school nurse visit us and she taught us all about brushing our teeth. We met Danny the Dinosaur and practiced our teeth brushing skills on him!

WC 23.01.23

It was Chinese New Year at the weekend, so we have spent the week learning about Chinese New Year celebrations. We have read the story 'The Great Race' to find out about the different animals the years are named after, and tried some rice, noodles and crackers!

Our story of the week is: The Great Race.

WC 16.01.23

We have gone from looking at beneath our feet to up in the sky! We have been learning about Space, particularly looking at the planet we live on, Earth. We have learnt about the Solar System and have carried out lots of space activities!

Our story this week is: The Skies Above My Eyes.

WC 09.01.23

We were introduced to our new topic 'Feeling Frosty' and looked at our new book focus for the week 'The Street Beneath My Feet.' We then carried out a barefoot walk and used our describing words to explain what it felt like under our feet. We came up with some great words, such as crunchy, soft, smooth, cold and crispy! We also explored our school grounds to see what we could find 'beneath our feet.' We found rabbit holes, drains and roots to name a few.

Our book of the week is: The Street Beneath My Feet.

WC 02.01.23

This week, we have been settling back into school after the Christmas holidays. We loved being back to see our teachers and our friends!

Autumn 2

Light Up Your Life

WC 14.11.22

We have become Geographers this week, and have been finding out all about the Antarctic. We know that the Antarctic can also be called the South Pole and is found at the bottom of the World. We have learnt about Emperor penguins and even wrote some riddles to see if Mrs. Vigus could guess what animal we have been learning about! We also created our own penguins out of paper cups, too!

Our story of the week is: The Emperor's Egg.

WC 07.11.22

This week, we have been appreciating our soldiers and thinking about Remembrance Day. We have thought about how many soldiers lost their lives a long time ago to keep us safe, and how soldiers are still working to protect us now. We thought about how thankful we are to them, and joined our whole school Remembrance Service where we carried out a 2 minute silence. In addition to this, we also celebrated 'World Science Day' where Mr Bull challenged us to make the 'best bubbles.' Year 1 gave us some tips and tricks, and we really enjoyed experimenting to see how we could create the biggest, shiniest, best shaped bubbles!

Autumn 1

All About Me!

WC 17.11.22

We have been taking part in our first Opening Minds week of the year which has been all about light! As part of this, we have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali. We learnt all about the story of Rama and Sita, and why Hindu's carry out their amazing celebrations. We took part in lots of different Diwali activities, such as creating and decorating Diwa lamps and making Rangoli patterns. We also started feeling Autumnal, just in time for the half-term Halloween holidays!

Our story of the week is: The Story of Rama and Sita.

WC 10.10.22

As part of our topic 'All About Me,' we have been thinking about how we can keep healthy by what foods we eat and what drink we drink. This week, we also celebrated the Harvest Festival, so we decided to make some vegetable soup! We thought about the farmers harvesting all of the vegetables and the Supermarkets selling them in the shops. We discussed why we were thankful for our food and how there are some people in the world that are much less fortunate than ourselves.

Our story this week is: Oliver's Vegetables.

WC 03.10.22

This week, we have been learning about our bodies after reading our book of the week: Funny Bones.

We drew around each other with chalk and drew in our body parts. We thought about what we might see on the outside, and also had a think about what we have on the inside, such as our hearts, bones and brain!

WC 26.09.22

We have been so lucky to have had an amazing sporting opportunity this week, where Jack Rutter, an Paralympic footballer, came to visit us and carry out a sponsored circuit. It was so inspiring and great fun! We all tried so hard, and were definitely very tired by the end!

This week, our story focus has been The Tortoise and the Hare.

WC 19.09.22

We have been thinking about our families, and how they are similar and different to other peoples. We created family pictures to put on display, and have been looking at the differences between animals and their babies!

We have also started learning our phonics this week. We have learnt m,a,s,d and t. We are all trying really hard, and have been practicing our letter formation in Continuous Provision.

This week, our story focus has been Monkey Puzzle.

WC 12.09.22

The children have really settled this week and we have all really got to know one another much better. We all shared our baby photos and talked about how much we had changed. We also have started looking at Harvest, and picked apples from the orchard! We used knives to cut them up ourselves and had them for a tasty afternoon snack!

WC 05.09.22

The children have been so amazing this week and have settled into school life so well! We have all had so much fun getting to know each other, and are learning all of our rules and routines. We have been so fantastic that we even made it into celebration assembly assembly this week!