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Spring 2

Ready, Steady, Grow!

Week 5 

WC 28.03.22

This week we have been looking at how we can have a balanced diet. We tasted some exotic fruit such as passion fruit, pomegranate, mango, pineapple and watermelon and voted for our all time favourite fruits. Apples were the most popular!

Our story of the week is: Handa's Surprise.

Week 4

WC 21.03.22

This week, we were introduced to our class tadpoles. We recapped what we had learnt about the life cycle of a frog and ordered them to show us what will happen. We can't wait to watch them grow!

This week we have been celebrating the women in our lives for Mother's Day. Our story focus is: Mummy, Do You Love Me?

Week 3 

WC 14.03.22

We have been celebrating National Science week by taking part in Science across the school. This week, we have planted seeds and went to a farm to see a lamb being born!

We also met with our reading buddies this week to learn some British Sign Language. Our partners taught us some signs, and performed a song they had learnt in sign too!

Our story of the week this week is: The Tiny Seed.

Week 2

WC 07.03.22

We have been looking at the lifecycle of a frog. We found out last week that some animal babies don't look like their parents, so we decided to see if this was the case for frogs. We discovered that frog babies (frogspawn, then tadpoles) don't look like their parents which we thought was very interesting! We have also been looking at the signs of Spring and have had a go at painting our own daffodils.

Our story focus this week is: The Teeny Weeny Tadpole.

Week 1

WC 28.02.22

This week has been a super busy week! One of the highlights of the week has been pancake day. We cooked, topped and ate our own pancakes - they were delicious! Another highlight has been World Book Day. We got to read in unusual places in Forest School and took some time to read outside with our reading buddies!

Our story of the week is: Monkey Puzzle.

In our topic this week, we have been looking at animals and their babies.

Spring 1

Beneath My Feet

Week 7

WC 14.01.22

We have been focusing on our whole school value 'Love' and have thought about different ways in which we can show that we love someone. This linked in really well with Valentines Day where we made Valentine's cards for our family and friends.

We also continued Reading Buddies this week, and have got to know our partners much more. We are really enjoying having a fantastic year 6 role model to look up to!

We also took part in our Opening Minds week 'Thank You For The Music' where we had special musical workshops, and performed our musical Gala to the whole school!

Our story this week is: Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Week 6

WC 07.01.22

This week we have been moving away from looking down beneath our feet and looking up to the skies above our eyes. We have found out about the different planets in our Solar System and have compared these to Earth.

We also got introduced to our new reading partner in year 6, and are so excited to read with them every single Friday!

Our book of the week is: The Skies Above Our Eyes.

Week 5

WC 31.01.22

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been preparing for the celebrations by making lanterns and tidying the classroom and playground. We have experimented with chopsticks and have tried some yummy fortune cookies! We also learnt how to say 'Happy New Year' in Chinese from this video: 

Our story focus this week is the Chinese New Year Story: The Great Race.

Week 4

WC 24.01.22

This week we have been thinking about what Pirates might bury beneath our feet! We made our own treasure chests, went on treasure hunts and designed our own treasure maps.

Our story focus this week is: Pirates Love Underpants!

Week 3

WC 17.01.22

Our story focus this week is 'The Street Beneath My Feet.' We found out lots of interesting facts about what is underground and went to look for ourselves!

Our story of the week is: The Street Beneath My Feet!

This week, we also had a special visitor come and visit us... a Police Officer! He told us all about keeping safe, and let us know all of the things that the emergency services can do to help us. We even got to sit in the back of the Police van!

Week 2

WC 10.01.21

This week, we officially launched our new topic of 'Beneath my Feet' by completing a barefoot obstacle course! We talked about how different elements such as soil, porridge, grass, rice, sand, bubble wrap felt beneath our feet, and voted on our favourites. Mud and sand were the most popular!

We also had a visit from Jack Frost overnight, so explored all of the wonderful frosty things in our Forest School orchard. We loved finding out that frost makes mole hills hard and that the frost melts under our feet when we walk, as well as under our bodies when we make 'frost angels'!

Our story of the week is: We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Week 1

WC 03.01.22

Although it's only been a 3 day week this week, we have been so busy and have enjoyed being back in school with our friends! We have been introduced to our new topic 'Beneath My Feet' and have started off with a focus on our feet (and the rest of our bodies!) We have labelled body parts, talked about what is inside or body and thought about the amazing things our bodies can do.

Our story focus this week is: Funny Bones.

Autumn 2

Colours of the World

Week 6

WC 13.12.21

It is the last week before Christmas, so we have really been getting into the Christmas spirit! We had our Christmas dinner day where we had a turkey roast and wore our Christmas jumpers, watched our virtual Nativity, and made Christmas gifts for our loved ones at home. 

Our story this week is: Kipper's Christmas Eve.

Week 5 

WC 06.12.21

This week we have been getting Christmassy! 

Week 4

WC 29.11.21

We have been finding out about the Antarctic this week and have learnt lots of new facts such as:

  • The Antarctic is at the bottom of the world.
  • Emperor penguins are between 1 metre and 1.3 metres tall (which is taller than some of us!)
  • It is very cold in the Antarctic and you need to wear lots of winter clothes!
  • Polar Bears don't live in the Antarctic - they live in the Arctic. 


We have also been doing lots of exploring and experimenting with ice to get a feel of how cold it really is in the South Pole!

We also have been busy taking part in our Christingle and our trip to see Father Christmas!

Week 3

WC 22.11.21

This week we have been planning Kipper's 5th Birthday party! We made birthday hats, baked and decorated cakes, helped Kipper to write his birthday list, and worked out all the different ways to make the number 5!

This weeks story is: Kipper's Birthday!

Week 2

WC 15.11.21

This week, we were surprised by a very large, very pointy footprint which we believe was from a dinosaur! We guessed what it might look like and created our predictions using 2D shapes. We also came across a big dinosaur egg, which we desperately tried to get back to it's mummy by making posters and writing letters. We have learnt so much about dinosaurs this week and have loved looking back to millions of years ago!

Our story focus this week is: Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.

We also started Gymnastics in PE this week... we had so much fun making shapes, learning about different movements, and copying our partners!

Week 1

WC 08.11.21

This week we have been learning about Diwali, the Festival of Light. We made our own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice, designed our own Mehndi hand patterns using natural resources in Forest School, and created and decorated diwa lamps.

Our story focus this week is: The Story of Rama and Sita.

We also learnt about Remembrance Day, and showed our respect during our Remembrance Day service. Afterwards, we even got to meet a real-life soldier that answered all of our questions!

Autumn 1

You, Me and Family!

Week 6

WC 11.10.21

This week, we have been showing off our skills through so many different activities. We have learnt so many sounds, and lots about patterns. Take a look to see how much fun we have been having!

Our story focus this week is 'Farmer Duck.'

Week 5

WC 04.10.21

This week we picked our own apples from the orchard. We chopped some up to print with, and tasted some for our snack, too!

Week 4

WC 27.09.21

We have had such a busy week this week. We have been thinking about our Harvest Festival. and have decorated huge paper scarecrow. We also were treated to hot chocolate and a biscuit as part of our Forest School session!

Week 3

WC 20.09.21

This week we learnt all about Autumn and the Harvest. During our Forest School session, we went on an Autumn hunt and found lots of Autumn leaves. We noticed that leaves were beginning to fall off the trees and that some of them were  turning brown and yellow.

We have been learning 'Autumn Harvest' this week in preparation for our Harvest Festival! Can you have a sing along at home?

Mrs. Vigus also awarded us with Good Choice Gordan this week! This was because we have been making great choices noticed by adults, such as being polite, listening, and being kind to our friends. He has been joining us in class and we have loved impressing him even more!

Week 2

WC 13.09.21

We have been talking about families and have been thinking about who lives in our house. We've practiced looking after babies, working in the office like a grown-up, and even made our own car to drive to and from school!

Week 1

WC 06.09.21

We have spent this week to settling in, learning our class routine and getting to know each other. We have had so much fun and can't wait to come back next week! 

Welcome to Reception!

 We are very busy preparing the Reception classroom ready for lots of games, activities and learning in September. Have a look at some of the photos below to see our fabulous classroom, spacious playground, and some of the lovely activities we do in Reception. 

Our blog will be updated weekly to show the super things we have been doing, and to help you find out about the things that are coming up too.

Miss Nicholas and the Reception Team.