Kingstone And Thruxton Primary School


Kingstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9HJ


Children's Mental Health Week runs from 1st -7th February 2021

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Download icon well-being health health care mental healthAt Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School, we  recognise how important mental health and emotional wellbeing is to the lives of our whole school community. Mental health and wellbeing can affect our lives in just the same way as our physical health. We understand that children’s mental health is vitally important in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement. All children go through ups and downs during their school career and some can face significant, life changing, situations. Our staff are here to help the children, parents and carers in our community and do the best we can to support them through their journeys.

At school, we work to help our children manage times of change and stress and ensure that they are supported to reach their potential - this can also mean that they are able to access help when they need it. We also have a role to ensure that children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health, what affects their mental health, how they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where they can go if they need help and support.

These short videos looks at how we can spot small worries and big worries and what we can do to help ourselves.

cmhw-2021-logojpg     This year the theme of Children's Mental Health Week is 'Express Yourself'.

Watch this space for details of how you can take part!

The week beginning 1st February is Children's Mental Health Week and we will be finding out what our children and staff to make themselves feel good. We all have the right to be who we want to be and express ourselves in ways we feel comfortable with. During the week, we will be talking about the ways we show our personality to those around and discussing ways to feel positive about who we are.  

Parents and Carers can find out more about Children's Mental Health Week here. These pages are specifically made with you in mind and have lots of useful ideas and information.

You can also find out lots more ways to help children with their mental health here.