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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Year 6

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

Mrs O’Callaghan-James (Mrs OJ) - Class Teacher

Hi all! In this time that we are not in school together, we thought it would be good idea to keep in contact and share the amazing things you're getting up to at home. I’ve had so many wonderful photos sent to me from you all which has really made me smile whilst we’re parted for this short time. Remember the most important thing in life is to be kind – always! Missing you lots – Mrs OJ


Week 6 Home Learning (18th - 22nd May):

This weeks Champions are:

TTRockstars: Mabel on an outstanding 1640%

SpellingShed: Mabel followed closely by Miley!

ReadTheory: Leighton! (three weeks in a row!)

Well done everyone! Make sure you have checked SpellingShed as I have sent another list.



My star is week is Harvey for recreating an excellent Pobble365 picture as well as recreating his lunch - chicken style!


                                          CLASS CHALLENGE!

                     Together we reach 371 step ups in 1 minute!!

                              Well done everyone who took part!

Our new class challenge is a sing along one!! I would love to make a class video of us singing. A song you guys loved to sing was Never-ending story! So... that's the one I picked!

Learn the song :

Karaoke backing track:


This week in photos:

Chloe has made an excellent cloud in a jar with her sister Lexi's help. Look amazing Chloe!

Harvey got into the recreation frame of mind and recreated a Pobble365 picture as well as his lunch in the same theme - chickens!


JJ has been experimenting with rainbows and clouds - some excellent work JJ!

Mabel has been creating some amazing double page spreads again this week. She has done lots of research and created these as a result! 

Ollie has a step by step guide showing the creation of his rainbow...

Sophie has been working hard understanding pie charts and also recreating her packed lunch box - looks delicious!


Week 6 Home Learning (11th - 15th May):

This weeks Champions are:

TTRockstars: Harvey on 860%!

SpellingShed: Miley!

ReadTheory: Leighton! (two weeks in a row!)

Well done everyone! Make sure you have checked SpellingShed as I have sent another list.



Ollie for an excellent animal habitat box and support rap and work.


So far we have a class total of 300!! (which was our aim) Can we now beat that? How high can we get it? Keep sending in your step ups!


This week in photos:

Alfie has been very busy. Not only has a made a great habitat box based on his brother Reggie's playmat (under the sea) but he has been doing some home baking and enjoying relaxing in the hot tub!


JJ has been busy making an excellent habitat box and supporting information which showed a lot of independent study. As well as this, JJ has explored light and colour - making some excellent contrasting colours images and information text!

Mabel has been making some amazing double page spreads showing her research into light and into the Amazon Rainforest. Beautifully presented, detailed work to be proud of Mabel!

Macey-Lou has made an excellent habitat box of the rainforest which almost blends into her garden!

Miley has been busy doing lots of things from her home learning pack, plus puzzles and outdoor learning. She also celebrated her birthday last week - Happy Birthday Maizie. 

Miley has been working hard researching our topics and drawing her chosen creature. She has even been showing her baby sister Mabel how it's done!

Olivia has been so busy! She has been baking, making a flat Olivia, building, studying and going for walks with her family!

Sophie has been working on researching her chosen creature, the panda. She has made an excellent habitat box, drawing and supporting information.

Ollie was so creative this week! He created a habitat box, an information page, dressed up as and rapped about his chosen creature! Can you guess what it is? Ollie your rap was awesome and I loved how you got your sister involved too! Well done!

Please keep sending me your photos!!


Week 5 Home Learning (4th - 8th May):

This weeks Champions are:

TTRockstars: Mabel on 840%!

SpellingShed: Mabel!

ReadTheory: Leighton!

Well done everyone! Make sure you have checked SpellingShed as I have sent another list.



Alayah for excellent research when studying WW2 and producing great posters and rationing books.



This week in photos:

Alayah has been working hard for a few weeks researching WW2 and here are some of the examples of her hard work:

Alfie has been working hard this week also and by Wednesday had been working his ay through his maths, created a ration book and also done this week's project work which he based on a blue ringed octopus.... inspired by his brother Reggie's playmat that is under the sea 😊. He also made a mars bar slab made with rice krispies and has been chilling in the hot tub!! Sounds like a great week Alfie!

Theodore has been working hard doing his WW2 tasks as well as gardening and spending some good quality time with his brother Sebastian. 

Ivayla has also been working hard with her project work and here is an excellent example of her writing.

Lexi has been thinking about the current situation and comparing it with posters in WW2. 

Miley has found a new passion: baking! Looks so delicious Miley.

Macey-Lou has been making a memory garden for her mum which looks beautiful. She has also create a beautiful detailled sketch. 

Olivia has written an excellent news report which can be read below.



A local school has been left devastated after a boy’s supernatural experience. The boy, described as teen age with medium fair brown hair was seen leaving the school wearing a checkered shirt under a beige duffle coat, red woolly hat and gloves. A teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, was at the school at the time of the incident and was left scared and shaken. She alerted the police who were quick to respond, however the boy left the scene as the police arrived. We spoke to eyewitnesses, Trudy and Janice, who were jogging in the local area when they recall seeing the boy cycling hurriedly on a red bike towards nearby houses. Armed police raided the boy’s home shortly after the incident and were confronted by the boy who then used his powers to pick up some house keys; ran out the door into a neighboring wood. The uncertain police chased after him using searchlights to help. After a long time, they finally caught up to the boy and told him to get on the floor. Feeling frightened, he did so and suddenly, a kind of force field shot out from him. “Knocked me off my feet, it did” exclaimed an outraged policeman who was at the scene.

Reported by Olivia




Week 4 Home Learning (27th April - 1st May):

This weeks Champions are:

TTRockstars: Leighton 960%!!! and Lexi 800%!!!

SpellingShed: Macy-Mae (two weeks in a row!)

ReadTheory: Harvey (the most progress this week)

Well done everyone! Make sure you have checked SpellingShed as I have sent another list.



JJ for doing some excellent WW2 style home baking (apple crumble), excellent comparisons between WW2 and current affairs as well as creating an excellent spitfire plane.



This week in photos:

Alayah has been busy cooking WW2 style - it looks delicious. She has also visited a WW2 pill box and collected honey from the bees.

Harvey has completed his WW2 work and also sent a wonderful video of his new hatchlings this week. 

Sophie has also been working hard on her work pack this week and here are some examples of the excellent work she is producing.

JJ has also been working hard imagining what life was like in WW2 and he made some delicious apple crumble - yummy!

Macy-Lou has spent time cooking WW2 style - it looks delicious!!

Callum has been cooking too! I'm assured by mum that these tasted just as good as they look!

Again it has been great to see your photos so please keep sending me them.


Week 3 Home Learning (20th - 24th April):

Another very busy week for some of you! I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine in your gardens and well done those who have had a go at TTRockstar, SpellingShed and ReadTheory!


This weeks Champions are:

TTRockstars: Harvey on 720%!!! (that's very impressive Harvey!)

SpellingShed: Macy-Mae

ReadTheory: Leighton (the most progress this week)

Well done everyone! Make sure you have checked SpellingShed as I have sent another list.



John-William for creating an amazing Anderson shelter


This week in photos:

Miley has been working hard on this week's pack! She has made her Anderson shelter, nets of shapes and reviewed her book! Well done Miley :). 


Maizie has been a busy bee again this week. She went on a walk and collected lots of different flowers and then, using an app, identified them. She also conducted her own skittles investigation to make a rainbow!


Stevie had been decorating this week with her sister Bella. They have measured and cut strips of wallpaper and used teamwork to get the job done. Well done girls - it looks great!


Alfie has been baking this week, as well as taking his big brother duties seriously. Those cakes look delicious Alfie - did i ever mention that I LOVE chocolate?!


JJ has had another busy week this week. Not only has he been keeping up with his sport but he has also been producing some high quality work. I loved looking at your modern ration book JJ.

Jessie has made a great start on her Anne Frank's house. She has made the stairs and thought about how it would have been laid out. Well done Jess!


Ollie has also been extremely busy again this week and done some excellent research on WW2 and completed some of his tasks - Excellent Ollie!


Alayah has been busy making a beautiful, detailed Anderson shelter - This looks amazing Alayah, well done!



Sonny has been so busy this week, he has had to cool down in a rather freezing pool!

Missing you all but please stay safe, happy and don't forget to keep sending me your photos :)

Mrs OJ


Easter week review:

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter. It has been so lovely to see more and more photos being sent to me of all things you have been up to. I've also seen some amazing double page spreads (and we all know how much Mrs OJ loves a double page spread). Please keep them coming!

TTRockstars current Champion is: Ollie on 220%

ReadTheory current Champion is: Macy-Mae with 45 completed tests

SpellingShed current Champion is: __________


Week 2 Home Learning (30th March  - 3rd April):

This week in photos:

JJ has been very busying baking which looks delicious!! As well as this he has produced a brilliant book cover for a Horrible History book - anyone else like the Horrible History books?

Stevie has been very busy too! She has done a little big of everything from playing with LEGO, gardening to being creative!!

Callum has been working hard creating an Anderson Shelter model - very impressive Callum!

John-William has also made an Anderson Shelter but much bigger!! This looks amazing John - Well done!

Another amazing model has been done by Sophie - I love the detail in this Soph!

Miley has also been working hard and produced an amazing double page spread :)

Macey-Lou has been working hard doing research on WW2 and created a great double page spread!


Week 1 Home Learning (23rd - 27th March):

This week in photos:

Alfie has had such an important job – learning to be a BIG BROTHER! Alfie shared some amazing photos of him and Reggie. You make an amazing big brother Alfie!


Mabel has been working hard and is continuing to be extremely creative. She made a boat from one of the choice activities and tested if it would float as well as completing her WW2 information in our double page spread style. Beautiful work Mabel!


Ollie has been working hard. Firstly starting the day with a Joe Wicks workout, doing some baking and cooking and finishing with some school work. Amazing efforts Ollie – if only we could taste all your hard work. It looks delicious!


Sophie has also been very creative with her picture of the bombing in WW2 and also decided to start a diary of her time at home. Perhaps in the years to come primary aged children will be studying these events and using Sophie’s diary as primary evidence! Amazing job Sophie!


Noah has also been creative in his WW2 scene. It was also lovely to see a picture of him enjoying the very rare sunshine in his back garden. Good Work Noah!


Alayah has become a historian and investigated WW2. She has discovered lots of new facts and sent me a photo of her work and illustrated it with her WW2 bombing artwork. Fantastic research Alayah!


Maizie has been doing a little bit of everything from school work, to art work to enjoying the sunshine and becoming very green fingered, all the time staying very positive and enjoying the extra time with her family. Amazing job Maizie!


And finally I’ve been keeping busy: working at home and keeping in touch with all of you guys, whilst being an extremely fun car-ramp for my youngest!

Safe safe, be happy and keep in touch everyone.