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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School





We are busy preparing for you to start school in the Autumn Term. Our new parents are welcome to send photographs of our youngest children as they prepare for Reception.

I (Miss Nicholas) will be your new class teacher and I am SO excited to meet you all again soon! I thought that it would be a lovely idea for you to all see each other through this blog before you start school in September. Please send me the photos of the exciting things you are getting up to - I would love to see!


Here are some of the photos I have received from our September starters:

Thomas is very proud of his sunflower plant so sent in a photo of him next to it. WOW - it is so tall, Thomas!


Skye has drawn a fantastic picture of her family. You look so proud of yourself, Skye - good job!


Megan has drawn a picture of herself and me! She has also done a brilliant job of writing her name. Well done, Megan!


Betty has sent me in a lovely picture that she has painted of her family. What great detail - I can't wait to hear more about them soon!


Lilly has sent me in a fantastic painting with some fabulous writing. Wow Lilly, I am super impressed. Receiving this made my day!


Connie has been busy completing her 'Reception Starters Activity Pack.' She has drawn a picture of her family and practised writing her name in the garden with chalk. Great work, Connie!