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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Elsa's Pupdates

June 2018

Dog walking club has been exciting! We've been exploring lots of interesting places! 

I've had a haircut! Its quite a cut -I know! My adult hair was trying to come through bt my puppy hair was stopping it and it was getting tangled! Now I feel much cooler and love running around with my new look!


May 2018

Dog walking club is going down a treat! I love exploring new places with you all!

April 2018

I'm getting bigger every day! 

I feel so settled here now. I think each and every one of you is wonderful. Im getting really quite good at walking around the school without getting distracted. Thank you for not shouting my name as I walk past!

Now I can 'High Five' as well as the other tricks you have shown me! I just love learning with you and showing you how much I'm listening! 

I still enjoy lots of strokes and cuddles. There's absolutley no shortage of them at Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School!


March 2018

I've been doing some one to one sessions and some work in groups with some children now! I love story time because I get to snuggle up to someone everytime!

Look how much I've grown here!

I have also enjoyed dog walking club the last few terms. We have walked in wind, rain and snow! I'm looking forward to some sunnier weather, but getting wet and dirty is fun!


February 2018

I have been having a great time getting to know everyone in and out of the classroom. I have now visited every class and spent time saying hello to you all! Thank you for remembering to walk and be gentle around me. It really helps me if you ask before you stroke me, then I know what's happening. 

I have also been having weekly visits to the vets where they let me take some children to find out more about how to look after me! its been so much fun and we have learned alot about keeping my teeth clean, a healthy weight and how to keep me clear of fleas and worms! 


January 2018

Congratulations to Maddie who scooped the prize to design Elsa's new working Jacket and to have her name put on to it! Maddie told us how a school dog would be a great asset to the school because she can talk to Elsa and she will make her feel calm!

We can't wait to see the finished product Maddie!