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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

About Us

Welcome to Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School

You’ll find out about our latest news and details of upcoming events, information about clubs and class projects, copies of letters home, details of homework set and much more!

Kingstone is a wonderful school, full of fantastic children and an amazing team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly and enthusiastically to support the children, during the school day and beyond. We have high expectations of what we can and should achieve, particularly in key maths and English skills, while at the same time ensuring school is a place where every child thrives and is nurtured and supported to be the best they can be, to enjoy school and develop a love of learning.

Our school has its own unique character and philosophy and over the last few years we've kept true to that while at the same time significantly improving a lot of what we do. A clear vision about where we want our school to be is helping all of our children to achieve their potential. We are all working incredibly hard to improve standards in our school, something that was recognised by Ofsted in our most recent inspection.

“Raised expectations and rigorous systems for checking pupils’ progress have led to relevant training and support and to improvements to teaching this year.”

May 2015

We have a wide range of well-attended extra curricular activities, including sport, art, music and dance. We have always had a strong school choir, and continue to host and support community musical events. The ‘Kingstone Chronicle’, published each half term by the pupils, is their way of sharing with the local community all the exciting things that happen in the school.

Our parents are very supportive and positive about the school, as shown consistently over the last 6 years in our Parent Surveys. As one parent once said: ‘Our school has a warm and happy environment and all the staff have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure my children are happy here’. We continually strive to improve and to build the strongest possible links with parents and the wider community. We have a wonderful PTA, a 'Parents' Voice Group' that meets regularly, and we frequently invite parents into school, for assemblies, family reading, meetings with staff and open afternoons. We believe that by working together, children get the best deal.

We are proud to be part of the Kingstone Academy Trust and I work very closely with Mr Steve Fisher, our Executive Headteacher, to ensure that we offer our children a well rounded curriculum. The children benefit greatly from the close links we have with Kingstone High School, including specialist teaching and access to fantastic resources. They also benefit greatly from working with older students who are great role models and work with them regularly.

This web site is part of our efforts to communicate, share and involve. We will use it more and more to communicate news and share our children's achievements. So I hope you bookmark it and come back regularly!

Should you wish to find out more about our school, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Elissa Vigus
Head of Primary