Kingstone And Thruxton Primary School


Kingstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9HJ


Year 6 Wonderful Writing Work

Autumn 1

We have been working really hard on our writing this half term to produce a news report about a Mayan game of Pok-a-Tok. We used the film Road to El Dorado as a writing stimulus, where the two 'gods' play a match games the home team. We started by brainstorming the 5 W's in reporting and worked our way writing each paragraph at a time. We focused on adverbial phrases, speech and ordering. Below are some great examples of our finished product. 

We have also been using Pobble365 for our Shortburst Write. This is a small window of time to write about something (this half term it has been a picture). This is completely independent and uses all the skills learnt in SPaG sessions and Literacy lessons. Take a look at what we can do:

In Year, Mrs. OJ likes to show us WAGOLLS (what a good one looks like) and this term we have been using these to help us write better. We used Mrs. OJ's Mayan creature description to draw a picture of what we thought her creature would look like. We did this by finding descriptions in the text and adding these labels to our diagrams. Have a look: