Kingstone And Thruxton Primary School


Kingstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9HJ


Terrific Topic Triumphs

Our Geography topic this half term is 'The Rainforest' and our Science topic is 'All Living Things.' On this page you can take a look at all the wonderful topic work that we have been doing.

As out Rainforest topic comes to an end, we have been writing information texts to show off all that we have learnt. We are so proud of how fantastic they look!

We have been fascinated by how many different types of animals live in the rainforest. We decided to learn more about the parrots that can be found there. Do you know there are hundreds of parrot species living in the Amazon?

We have been looking at what kind of settlement the Amazon Rainforest is. We created our own maps...

After our apple pressing excitement, we have been thinking about the life-cycle of an apple. Here are some of the life cycles we created in our books...

We learnt that there are a number of different layers to the rainforest. We discussed which animals would live in each and why.