Kingstone And Thruxton Primary School


Kingstone, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 9HJ


Stars of the Week


Friday 9th October

Tyreese for quick recall of his number facts and great concentration in lessons

Eden for being such a polite and hardworking member of the class


Friday 11th September 

Logan TB for being such a good sportsman during his PE lesson this week – helping out others and also showing amazing ball skills.

 Logan P  for coming back to school with such a positive attitude.


Friday 18th September

Ellan for brilliant batting skills, Miss Brain was really impressed!

 Elliot  for amazing focus whilst writing instructions about how to wash a sabre toothed tiger.


Friday 25th September 

Hattie for writing a clear set of instructions 

Lewis for showing such a mature attitude to all his learning.

Friday 2nd October

Demi for always being ready to work and producing work of a high standard

 Finley for his wonderful diamante poetry