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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Year 6

Spring Term in Year 6

The Year 6 Team are:

Mrs O’Callaghan-James (Mrs OJ for short) – Class teacher

Mrs Boyd - Teaching Assistant

In Year 6 we are focused on becoming independent learners who seek out new challenges…

Welcome back to Year 6. We have a jam-packed half term ahead of us; ensuring we are ready for SATs in May. Our Spring term topic is

'Rain and Shine' 

Here we will be discovering the water cycle, water around us and in us, sunshine and other types of light and moving to looking at lightening and electricity.

In Literacy this half term, we will be exploring how to present the story of the water cycle to different audiences: adults and young children. We will be exploring sentence structure and effective features, speech, varying punctuation and also considering the vocabulary and layout of our texts. 

In Numeracy this half term, we will be exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. As well as this, we will be practising arithmetic daily and also rehearsing our timestables.

In R.E we will be exploring metaphorically links with light and darkness; creating some beautiful artwork to portray beliefs. 

We will also be continuing our studies of Varjak Paw; developing our reading skills but also enjoying a class novel where we can discussion and interpret what is occurring and sharing opinions. 

For Spelling, we still love our graffiti spelling and have books that we practise in. Lists go out every Monday and these are stuck in our graffiti book as well as issued via SpellingShed. The children have regular weekly slots they can rehearse these and can and should be accessing them at home.  Our spelling test day is the following Monday - they have a week to learn them. Any words we are still struggling on are highlighted in our graffiti book so people at home can see how we are getting on. There are rewards for the top 10 spellers (this is decided via the amount of time they are practising the words via SpellingShed).

We also understand the importance of reading in Year 6 and know that they should be reading for approximately 20 minutes per day as this length of time makes the biggest impact. The children have Varjak Paw lessons every Friday were we read and discuss the book and then they have homework and copies of the text to re-read at home. This Homework is due in on Thursdays as we go over answers in the Varjak Paw lesson.

In addition, in Year 6 we are getting ready for high school so also have class homework in the form of reading (Varjak Paw and their own reading books), ‘Timestable Rockstars’, SpellingShed and a paper activity rehearsing a maths skill. Maths homework will also now be issued on a Friday and due in Thursday. The class get weekly Dojo rewards for the more people who complete their homework.

 Our PE day is now Monday with Mrs Drinkwater so they will need their full P.E on Mondays.

As always, if you have any questions at all or need to get in touch with Mrs O’Callaghan-James please arrange an appointment via the school office, pop in and see her or contact her via email.