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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Values Education

Kingstone and Thruxton Primary is a Values School; it is our Values that determine our thinking and behaviour. Through a Values-based Education, a positive culture for teaching and learning is created which is based upon valuing ourselves, each other and the environment through the consideration of core ethical principles that guide behaviour. Our School Values support the development of the whole child by enabling a secure sense of self, respect for others and underpin the raising of educational standards.

The ethos of our school is built on a foundation of 22 core Values which are addressed directly through lessons, assemblies and across the whole curriculum. Each month over a 2 year cycle we focus on a particular Value. We learn to understand what the Values looks like and how we can demonstrate the Value, in the way we behave, in our attitude towards each other and in our learning.

We feel that becoming a ‘Values Based School’ has been a great success. Since starting the programme, there has been a positive impact on improved pupils’ behaviour, attitudes and understanding which has been noted by parents, teachers and others outside the school. 

We have 22 Values which change monthly, on a 2 year rolling programme.

Beliving you have both the will and the way to accomplish your goals whatever they may be.

Giving out a love for others

Is having rights and responsibilities

External peace in the world around us, internal peace with ourselves.

Lasting happiness is a state of contentment

Appreciating the simple things in life and putting others first with kindness without expectations and conditions.

Wishing another person happiness and taking pleasure in their well-being. It is unconditional and unselfish.

Harmony within the group and appreciating each other.

Understanding the feelings of others, why people behave as they do and understanding ourselves and our motives.

To do and stand up for what is right.

Working as a team and recognising the unique role of every individual.

Doing your share and accepting what is required of you.

Respecting one's self and accepting what is required of you.

Not taking things for granted

Not taking things for granted.

Treating your neighbour as yourself. A kind person is helpful and has a generous attitude.

To care for our friends, family, pets and the envronment by our actions.

Accepting myself and others even when we make mistakes and accepting others and appreciating differences.

If you are trustworthy, you can be relied on to do the right thing.

The only way to find a friend is to be one. Friendship is an act of giving to others.

Being able to wait contentedly.

Twenty Two values are covered over a two year cycle. Here is a brief overview of the cycle and each value:

Month Year A Year B
Sept Hope Co-operation
Oct Thoughtfulness Responsibility
Nov Freedom Respect
Dec Peace Appreciation
Jan Happiness Perseverance
Feb Simplicity Kindness
Mar Love Caring
Apr Unity Tolerance
May Honesty Trust
June Understanding Friendship
July Courage Patience

2016-17 is Year B of our two year cycle.