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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

KTPS Lockdown Rally 2020

We have had some brilliant entires for our KTPS Lockdown Rally this year! 

Well done to everyone that sent in an entry! The judges have been extremely impressed with your creativity and enthusiasm and the results are in! 

You all should be very proud! 

Here are your entries...

Get Creative!

Colour in or draw a picture of your choice within the theme of ‘bedtime story’


1st place: Aimee (Reception) 

2nd Place: Seb (Y1)

Recycle A Cycle?

Collect up your clean recycling and create a fabulous vehicle – it could be small for you to hold in your hand or big enough to sit in!


1st Place: Evie Y1

2nd Place: Max Y1

Make A Marvellous  Cake

Make the most scrumcious looking cake or cupcake to tingle the judges taste buds!


1st Place: Henry (Reception)

2nd Place: Seb (Y1)

Paint A Pebble

Find a pebble or a small rock and paint it with your most imaginative design!


1st Place: Seb (Y1)

2nd Place: Evie (Y1)

Pet Portrait

Take an interesting/crazy/cute/funny photo of your pet


1st Place: Zion (Reception)

2nd Place: Evie (Y2)

3rd Place: Archie (Y2)

Right To Write!

Tell us in your best writing all about your favourite book character! What do they look like? Why do you like them? What do they do? (One side of paper only)


First Place: Archie Y2

Drawing Isn’t Boring

Paint, chalk, colour or sketch a picture of your choice within the theme of ‘social distancing’ and what that means to you.


First Place: Magnus (Y4)

Lockdown Lowdown

Write a poem or short story  with the theme: ‘Lockdown’ It can be short or long but must fit on one side of A4 paper.


1st Place: Alfie (Y3)

2nd Place: Florence (Y4)

Bake Off

Bake a cake or cupcakes that will make the judges want to grab a plate and take a big bite!


1st Place: Noah Y6

2nd Place: Tiffany (Y4)

3rd Place

Sophie Ellis (Y5)

Runners up:

Joe (Y5) & Archie (Y5)


A Passion For Fashion

Find an old unused item of clothing at home and reinvent it! Snip it, stitch it, colour it or add things to it – just make it look amazing!


1st Place: Chloe (Y4)

2nd Place: Sophie (Y4)

Make A 3D Biscuit Sculpture

Standing on a plate, create a 3d biscuit sculpture. An animal, a bridge or perhaps a car… What you design is up to you but it must be standing and unbroken to win!


1st Place: Chloe (Y4)

Design An Animal From Recycling

Collect up your clean recycling and create a fabulous animal– it could be small for you to hold in your hand or bigger than you!


1st Place: Alfie (Y3)

2nd Place: Florence (Y4)

NHS Big Love!

Create the letters NHS in the most unique and unusual way you can


1st Place: Archie (Y5)

2nd Place: Sophie (Y5)

Create A Creature Made From Fruit And Vegetables

Use you carving skills and artistic brain to come up with an animal that is made from fruit and vegetables. (This must be sat on a plate no bigger than a dinner plate.


1st Place: Lottie (Y3)

Snap It Up!

Take an amazing/unusual/different photo of nature. Maybe an animal, maybe flowers or perhaps a sunset?


1st Place: Sophie (Y5)

2nd Place: Tiffany (Y4)

3rd Place: Archie (Y5)

Runners up: Alfie (Y3), Ben (Y5), Chloe (Y4)


Throw A Shape!

2 people or more to make the shape of a letter with their bodies. – here are some examples…


1st Place: Archie (Y2) & Alfie (Y3)


High Jump!

Can you create a photo where you and at least one other in your family have their feet off the floor? Get creative!


1st Place: Florence (Y4) & Max (Y1)

2nd place: Alfie (Y2) & Archie (Y3)

Let’s Hear You Cheer!

On a Thursday evening at 8pm many people are joining in to cheer our essential workers and each other doing a fantastic job isolating at home! We want to see photos of your street out cheering or what use the make some noise during The Big Clap! Remember to stick to the social distancing rules!


First place:Tiffany (Y4) & Henry (Reception)