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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

DIARY - This year so far..

March 2019

We have been lucky enough to have been offered some sessions with Hereford Police Academy Boxing at Hinton Community Centre with Vince who was our coach. We learned the 'boxing stance' and how to stand and move like a boxer. We learned how to respect our surrounds with the golden rules:

Respect the Community

Respect the Gym

Respect Each other 

Respect yourself.

We had such a great time in our sessions and learned so much! 

Congratulations to Callum who joined us and gain a pair of boxing gloves for being most improved student and to Ivalya, Macey-Mae & Sophie for winning Vince's poster competition!

Thank you Vince and Hayley for a fantastic opportunity!

Here is a video of our amazing time in the ring!





February 2019

We have been working closely with our PCSOs on a project called Cyber Guard. We have had some great training on staying safe online and keeping our computers and tablets secure. We then went and spoke to our families about staying safe on the Internet and earned out bronze badge from the police team! 




This week we have been choosing books to read so that they can be used interactively at home by the pupils and their families. 

Why read for pleasure?
Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. Reading for pleasure is critical for ensuring that the practice needed to become fluent becomes part of the learners’ everyday life, and is not just seen as a classroom-based activity.

There are a range of benefits gained from reading for pleasure:

  • it increases sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • it widens horizons
  • you can do it anywhere
  • it develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas
  • it prevents boredom and promotes relaxation.                                              (Taken from the BBC Skillswise website, 2018)

Why don't you read along with us?











September 2018

What a fantastic start to the school year we have had! 

Firstly, congratulations to our 15 Young Hopefuls this year, who gave in some really inspiring application forms and really wowed us with your knowledge of friendships and communities, highlighting your own personal strengths and thinking of ideas for making Young Hopefuls even better this year!

Here are our team of eager Young Hopefuls! you will see them in their orange jackets out on the playground, preparing Fuel Up Friday and organising some great events to bring the community closer and raise money for great causes!

We have already completed two brilliant charity events!

Jeans for Genes raised £208.00 this year! 

Young Hopefuls sold Sponge Bob Square Pants official badges before and after school and we held a 'wear your jeans to school day' to raise awareness of this important charity. Well done everyone!

Macmillan Coffee Morning raised £118.00

We had a great time at our Macmillan Coffee Morning! So many children joined in the fundraising fun by donating cakes and baking their own to enter out STAR BAKER competition! Thank you for all joining in!

The Judges this year were Young Hopefuls Ryan and Sophie on cake tasting and Ollie & Lexi, who judged the best looking cake.  The competition was strong but Maddie in year 6 won best tasting cake and Poppy in year 4 and her sister won the best looking cake! Well done!

We also had to give another prize away to Ben in Year 2 whose amazing cake had everyone talking at out cake sale as it looked so delicious and was a total sell out!

Here are some photos of our event!



June 2018

Giving out our donations for the year!

We had a meeting a few weeks ago where we all got to vote on where we would like our money raised for the year to go.

We had already invested some of our money on the School dog, Elsa's insurance.

We raised over £1000 this year and here is what we spent it on: 

Macmillan - £250.00

School Dog - £250.00

Riding for the Disabled - £350.00

Cat's Protection - £50.00

Hereford Fire Station Social Club - £50.00

The Dogs Trust - £50.00

Heartstart - £50.00


Thank you for all of your donations and support in all we do! 



Picnic in the Park!

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch with parents, carers and friends on Friday. Lots of Mums, Dads, Nans, Grandads, Aunties, Uncles and friends came along to support our event and eat lunch with the whole school outside on the field. 

We enjoyed sandwiches, sausage rolls, grapes, strawberries and much more as we sat and catted and watched the children play.

A lovely event that we will definitely do again next year! 



 May 2018

Congratulations to four of our Young Hopefuls who are the first this year to earn their Young Hopeful Leader Awards!

Elliot, Mia, Maddie and Anna - Well done! You are always showing initiative and imagination with the breaktime activities and taking your responsibility seriously by checking that Young Hopefuls are on duty and that eevents are running smoothly! You should be very proud of yourselves!

In after school club we have also been working on our leaflets giving information from around the world where Young Hopefuls had to investigate population, customs, music and food from different areas. The young Hopefuls have put this infomation into a booklet availible for everyone to see and gained their Cultural badge! Well done!

April 2018

Afternoon Tea!

Our Afternoon tea was a great success! A free event for everyone to meet up over a cup of tea and a cake! We enjoyed munching our way through muffins, Chocolate cake, Victoria Sponge and many more! Yummy! 

Our Best Baker competition had lots of entries! The Young hopefuls had a taste of every single one and declared Denver's cake as the best tasting and Hatties Cake as the best Decorated! Well done both of you, we hope you enjoy your hampers! 

MARCH 2018

Easter Eggstravaganza!

What an amazing event! We started the Eggstravaganza by doing an Easter Bonnet Parade led by the Easter Bunny! He picked Reuben and Anna as winner of the best bonnet of the year! Well done both - we hope you enjoyed your HUGE Easter egg! We had stalls for the draw, teddy bear tombola, Hotdogs, Muffins, Bric-a-brac, Handbags and an Easter Egg Hunt in Forest School! Sophie and Anna even sang a song - it was amazing, we were all singing along! We raised £302.22! What a brilliant amount to raise and we are so proud of ourselves!



Puppy Party!

We had a great time at lunch time having our face painted like our school dog Elsa and her friends to raise money for our Young Hopefuls Fund! We raised £78.00 in one lunch hour! Thank you to the teachers for helping us to paint everyone so quickly and for doing a great job!
Walking bus to school!

A little rain wasn't going to stop our school from having our walking bus! Teachers and Young Hopefuls made their way to the 3 pick up points in the village and were so excited at how many children were there waiting to walk together to school! Over 60 children, parents, friends and staff members braved the weather and joined the walk which is an excellent turn out! Lots of chatter and laughs followed whilst we all got our daily exercise before school even began!




Pancake day was so much fun! we had a great team of Young Hopefuls serving pancakes with every treat you can imagine! lemon & sugar, cream, icecream, Sprinkles, fruit salad, honey, Rainbow rice and chocolate! We had such fun preparing the for you!

Our Valentine competition was brilliant and we had some really amazing entries! Our competition was 'How can we show Elsa our school dog that she is loved?' We had peopms and cards and drawings along with home-made doggie treat bags and bone shaped pictures! You talent astounded us! Us judges for this cometitionn were Alfie and Evie and after much deliberation, they awarded Mabel first place for her clever and original painted stone with Elsa model on top! Well done Mabel!


A great start to the year for Jake & Macy-Mae! Jake has gained his Safety badge for completing his fire safety task and Macy-Mae has completed her Healthy Eating Award with her help on Fuel Up Friday! Well done!


Fuel up Friday!- What better day to have a hot chocolate than on a snowy day! We sold out of our warming goodies within minutes! Everyone just loved a hot chocolate in the snow!

Thank you to Charlotte from The Dogs Trust who came out and spent the whole day with our school and then gave The Young Hopefuls a special workshop in club time! As you know, we all love dogs and enjoyed hearing about looking after them properly as well as learning science, maths and evolution through her excellent lessons!

Young Hopefuls held a 'Wear what you like day' to raise funds for future projects.

I think its safe to say, everyone's enjoying a day off from uniform today!


As part of Anti-bullying week the Young Hopefuls have been working on a project to promote friendship.

We have interviewed each other and filmed ourselves out and about around school capturing the meaning of friendship at Kingstone & Thruxton Primary!

We then made a video about it and showed to in our Celebration Assembly 

We hope you enjoy it and follow our message.....




Savannah, Anna & Sophie collecting their Safety badge award for a fantastic class presentation on first aid.


Phoebe, Kayden & Miley picking up their Healthy Eating badge award for participation in Fuel Up Friday! They served Fruity flakes, took payments, washed up and counted the profits!



Pumpkin sale & 'Pic a pumpkin' Competition

This brilliant little fund raiser was such a success for us last year that we did it again this time!

Young hopefuls enjoyed a trip out to Asda Hereford to personally pick a pumpkin each to sell and we picked up a few more too!

We then set up for our amazing sale - and we SOLD OUT!

£63.00 was raised for our Young Hopefuls fund!

We have had some brilliantly spooky entries for our pumpkin carving competition. Here are a few entires!




Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Our coffee morning was a great success! The children baked some wonderful cakes and everyone was so generous with their donations.

We raised £162.16!

Chloe won our 'Star Baker' Award for her creativity and dedication to preparing a maserpiece that had all of our mouths watering and ended up being sold for £10.00!

Well done Chloe!

Thank you to everyone that came to the event. We hope you enjoyed our table service and delicous goodies on offer!