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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

After School Club

In our club we do lots of exciting activities!

Somtimes we work on projects to go towards earning our badges, sometimes we prepare for an event that we are leading and sometimes we have special workshops or speakers who come and tell us about current topics.

We use this information to create leaflets and give assemblys to our classes and the whole school so that we can make more people aware of important issues happening around us.

This term we have the following workshops coming into our school:

The Dogs Trust.


Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.

The Local Policing Team.

Cats Protection.



Charlotte from The Dogs Trust spent the whole day with us! We had fantastic lessons on Evolution, Maths, Citizenship and keeping our dogs healthy! We had such a fun day and a great time in club learning about doggie stories!

Novemeber 2017 

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service -

Great presention on fire prevention and what to do should a fire happen from Lisa! - We are all going to be asking an adult to check our fire alarms and fastest routes out of the house!  The children were given a quiz and activity pack to take away and return for a badge!
Our Cats Protection workshop. Thank you Kerry!
October 2018 - Heart Start workshop