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Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School

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Condover Hall Residential - updates

Tuesday 14th November

We arrived at Condover Hall in good time this afternoon, full of beans! We were straight into our dorms, beds allocated and then straight out to our first activities. Some of us were straight up on the high ropes for the Aerial Trek, which others honed their map reading skills with some orienteering. 


We all got a little muddy, but had a lot of fun. Even on the very first session, the children were challenging themselves. All the adults were extremely impressed with how well the children encouraged each other - what a team!


Tea included a very popular burger options, "better than McDonalds," according to George! Mrs Vigus was so proud to have members of staff from another school coming over to compliment the politeness of our children - what a lovely start to the week!


The Condover team came to collect us in the evening for our night time battleships game! The children had to work well in their teams to solve the clues - torches were a very useful piece of equipment! 

Room inspections went well (boys slightly in the lead so far!) and all bags are unpacked and organised. Every single child had a much-needed wash, and our clean, happy children slept well after our first day of adventures!